1. Chris says

    But yet he wasn’t, and he did. Lets not go making a hero out if this guy. I’m young, I’ll wait for a real one. He comes off as incredibly self-loathing.

  2. says

    Well, i didn’t find him “incredibly self-loathing” although his comment about gay slurs sorta gave me pause – we choose our friends; you don’t need to choose people who make gay slurs.

    he’s Out now, and his point(s) are valid. and the grand thing – he’s still just as gay as any ‘mo i’ve ever met. so, yay.

  3. says

    uh, just to clarify: there’s really no such thing as “being forced to come out” – and when people talk about that what they’re saying is “i’m still letting other people force me to Stay In”

    it’s just one of those things that people don’t really realize until they’re actually fully Out – there’s no such thing as “it’s my life, it’s my decision, i can do it when i feel like it” when the reality is that you’re delaying it because you’re…well…not making it your life, or your decision. once you recognize that, the coming out process tends to speed up.

  4. Ninong says

    If Robbie Rogers wanted to wait to come out, that was his decision and his alone. No one can say that he was forced to not come out. He came out when he was ready to come out. Good for him!!!

  5. Mike Ryan says

    I’ve been openly gay all my life so I don’t understand why any gay person would hide his sexuality. It’s just dumb. Closeted gays will always feel “less than” and happiness will elude them.

  6. Matt26 says

    @Chris, everyone has the right to come out whenever one wants, nothing to do with being a hero.
    @David, we are all individuals, so every situation is different.
    @Ninong, agree.
    @Bearnie Keefe, agree.

  7. Lucas H says

    I’m a bit surprised at some of the lack of empathy I see here.

    Coming out seems to have taken a lot of courage for him, especially considering the atmosphere he worked in. I don’t blame him for retiring when he came out, pro sports don’t exactly have a reputation for being the most inclusive of LGBT folks.

    Just because some of us were ready to come out sooner than others, or may live and/or work in an environment where we are comfortable being ourselves, doesn’t mean that everyone else is sharing that same experience.

    Good for this guy, for speaking his truth and sharing his experience and perspective with the world.

  8. iban4yesu says

    To those critics,

    Do you guys remember that UK footballer of African origin who was the first one ever who came out and later committed the suicide?
    Let them be good and ready…. real GOOD, And READY in every sense, I mean!

    So, let’s stop being self-righteous about this!!

  9. David Hearne says

    I’m out. Just not to my co-workers. Or family. Especially my mama. She’s in her 80s. It would crush her, probably so badly that she wouldn’t be able to sign my allowance checks. I couldn’t put that burden on her. And it’s a tough economy out there for a 50-something unemployed, balding, overweight, small-dicked guy like myself. But I’m out. They all know me at the gay bar two towns over. Dave the Slave. That’s me. Tell ’em I sent ya.

  10. Junior says

    I don’t think he’s a bad human being at all, but he’s not a hero either. It’s not either or. Either he’s an awful person for not coming out, or is this hero for coming out when he’s not even on the field anymore. Wonderful man, but not a pioneer, and he doesn’t have to be. But we do need an out athlete to role model for so many young LGBT. That person IS truly a hero in my book. On many levels.

  11. Utopia says

    I respect anyone who comes out (sorry closet cases, no respect for you, and that’s my opinion) but I far more respect those who come out when it’s not convenient. Ellen DeGeneres, for examples, was warned she’d risk losing it all -her show, sponsors, fans, even some family- by coming out when she did. She specifically said she wants to make a world with visibility for gay people and that’s one of her purposes in life and that she was coming out regardless of loss. THAT is a hero. That is someone my admiration is reserved for.

  12. says

    it’s about time we saw some normal, straight-acting gay men out there. love this guy! i am soooo sick of the typical fem types mincing on the tv screen. hopefully this will inspire more of the normal gays to come out and drive the freaks to the side.

  13. Mark says

    @ Little Kiwi
    Normal straight acting? first of all, all you douches who use terms like straight acting are delusional nut jobs. Stop ACTING. If you really were as “straight acting” as you claim, you’d be banging p-ssy. Not camping on gay sites. Anyone who even refers to themselves as “straight acting” with a straight face needs to be kicked in the face.

  14. Linc says

    One of the most current visible (and destructive) gays on television is Joey of ‘Joey and Megan’ the YouTube couple. Joey is a handsome normal appearing gay guy until he opens his mouth and screams like a wussy little girl, waving his hands, dancing on his tippy toes, doing little twirls! And for some reason he thinks this is cute or appealing. I cringe when the camera zeroes in on this guy as he swishes and whines, screams and squeals. The impression he gives is the stereotypical impression all straight people see gay people as – and it just isn’t so. Guys like Joey are so embarrassing you want to grab them by the throat and tell them to knock it off!

  15. says

    @Mark – that wasn’t me. there are self-hating closeted trolls on this site who are rather obsessed with me and post in my name because they think it’ll somehow make their lives better and my life worse. but it won’t. 😉 our proud queer nonconformist since i was in highschool.

    a simple click on my name takes you to my blog where you’ll see that i’m one of…well… the “freaks” that the trolling (im)poster wrote about.

    click my name. you’ll see i call out the B.S. of “str8-acting” – the trolling poster is a pathetic closet case with no orbs who can’t show himself. unlike moi :-)

  16. says

    Linc, feel free to show yourself and your apparently non-offensive-to-straights gay self. can you? if not, you have no business being so critical of gay people who dont’ give excuses to remain Hidden.

    at some point guys like you need to be more like the gay men you hate – and by that i mean you need to stop living in constant fear of What Straights Are Thinking.

    gays like Joey don’t make us look bad. gays like you, however, could very well make “us” seem like insecure wimps.

  17. says

    (troll, when you link people to my blog it’ll just prove that you’re trolling. because my blog and its content are the antithesis to the nonsense you type like the coward you are. so, thanks?)

  18. Kim says

    @Utopia Ellen came out when it was convenient too.Why didn’t she come out immediately after starting her show .She conveniently waited to the show was picked up.Better yet if she was really brave she would have come out before getting the show. My brother came out in middle school in Texas yet he doesn’t judge all you who came out in college or even later.So unless you came out when you realized you were Gay don’t judge.

  19. says

    or, Kim, unless you’re prepared to be as OUT as this guy is, which means anyone with internet or television access can, and will, know….well, then you can’t really criticize.

    he’s not just Out to people “who are in the know” – this is being treated as NEWS – he’s out to evvvvvverrrryyyoonne.

    until you can do the same thing, you cant’ criticize his “timing”.

  20. Ghone says

    If you “str8 acting” mother fuckers were actually comfortable enough in your skin to be openly out, hold your partners hands, not say dumbass comments like “I don’t wear it on my sleeve” and not live life with one foot in the closet and one foot out, maybe people would see more of you and your outness and your ‘type’
    Get over yourself.

  21. Jackson says

    @ Linc

    I’m a fabulous, feminine, actually very fem gay man, and plan on going nowhere. Here to stay. Proud to be gay, proud of my mannerisms, camp, loving campy pop culture and if that makes guys like you uncomfortable….I could give two craps. You are miserable in your own soul. Doesn’t mean the rest of us have to be as well.

  22. Duration & Convexity says


    How are you any different than the worst homophobe? You machismo types in the gay community who enjoy bullying, yes *bullying* our fem gay brothers are no different than the Rick Santorums of the world. I’d argue, you’re far worse than the Santorums.

    Much like Santorum, the machismo masculine gays love to dictate what and how other gays should be like. They criticize any gay who isn’t like them. They want to shun fem gays for not being as masculine as them. They then belittle said fem gays.

    What’s most repulsive about these types of gays is that they demand equality in the same sentence as them bashing fem gays. Disgusting. Truly disgusting souls.

  23. USC Trojans Fan says

    This wasn’t even a conversation about effeminate gay men vs. you supposed masculine types. But like a true insecure butch gay not fully comfortable in who he is, y’all sure love turning every topic into a hissy fit about how masculine you are and how effeminate some other gay is. You still love cock. Tasting it, licking it, sucking it, all of it. And for the average person, a man who sleeps with another man is still a cock sucker. Never ever let yourself think otherwise, or think you’re superior than those “other gays”

    And the hyper masculine façade is nothing short of a form of drag. Some of these gay men I see playing that role with their fake macho mannerisms and rugged wannabe clothing are just another version of Rupaul.

    And I say this as someone who is constantly mistaken for being straight, but unlike you, I don’t see that as something to be proud of.

  24. Patrick says

    Linc must be Rick.

    I refuse to believe there’s two extremely insecure, chemically imbalanced, and fully bigoted gay men who have such an irrational fear of fem gays. To obsess, and spew such ignorant remarks about a segment of our own communities population has to make for a miserable existence and soul. Hope you seek treatment for that Linc. In the meantime, my very fem gay boyfriend and I plan on having a very hot make out session during our lunch break today.

  25. Patrick says

    Linc must be Rick.

    I refuse to believe there’s two extremely insecure, chemically imbalanced, and fully bigoted gay men who have such an irrational fear of fem gays. To obsess, and spew such ignorant remarks about a segment of our own communities population has to make for a miserable existence and soul. Hope you seek treatment for that Linc. In the meantime, my very fem gay boyfriend and I plan on having a very hot make out session during our lunch break today.

  26. Danny says

    Little Kiwi:

    You have at least 4 aliases that we know of and you often converse with yourself. You are the wack job here. And the sad thing is, you haven’t persuaded anyone on any topic. You call people names, wish illnesses and discrimination on them and generally act in a malicious manner. It may make you feel good, but it is a huge turnoff and persuades no one.

    Why not try a more positive approach?

  27. says

    Danny, not really. That’s never happened. But nice try, troll.

    Feel free to show yourself. Or create another alias to insist you don’t have to 😉 Still hating on trans people today, are we? 😉

  28. andrew says

    Like Matt Salmon, Robbie Rogers is an articulate, obviously bright, very good looking and now out and proud young man. One can imagine that a very accomplished and successful life awaits him. These two young men, who are gay, look like they have come right out of central casting.

  29. andrew says

    Interesting to see that someone is giving the devious Kiwi a taste of his own medicine, posting things he obviously wouldn’t say in his name. Something the devious Kiwi often does. I also see that Kiwi has a lot of his aliases like Duration & Convexity and USC Trojans Fan ganging up on Linc to make him feel outnumbered and to stop posting things not in accord with Kiwi authoritarian orthodoxy.

  30. andrew says

    @Danny: Your comments about Kiwi are absolutely correct. However asking him to take a positive approach, is asking him to do something he is incapable of doing. It is in his nature to attempt to destroy anything or anyone who disagrees with him, even in the slightest details. He is simply an authoritarian bully. And no Kiwi I am not obsessed with you, I just hate bullies.

  31. Patrick says

    Robbie Rogers: Good for you. Despite what some of the hiding behind their keyboard cowards are saying about you. I bet they aren’t even one toe out of their self-imposed closet. (FYI: I’ve been out longer than some of you have been alive.) Back to Mr.Rogers: it DOES take a pair to come out,even in 2013. Sports/the military IS still VERY homophobic. Period. It’l take decades for those super-macho American institutions to be less so. In the meantime,people like Robbie Rogers are trailblazers. And besides, he is a very nice looking man. Athletic, clean cut, down to earth, risk taker,masculine, blond(yes I have the hots for my own kind) a great smile -clean,white,even teeth and killer blue eyes. If some of you holier-than-thou , sour pusses would get OVER yourselves,you secretly want Robbie. Go ahead and admit it.See YOU feel better now. Quit being all pissy and full of yourselves. You know who YOU are!!!!

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