1. woodroad34d says

    Given that Santa Fe started it’s current make up from wealthy families in the east sending their gay children there to avoid scandal is long overdue.

  2. JamesinMA says

    @woodroad34d: And yet there are some, like myself, who actually come from Santa Fe and have had family rooted in the land for generations. I’m very proud of the city, temporary as this situation may be for same-sex couples. Also,I moved from New Mexico to Massachusetts for the same reason you stated some were moved to Santa Fe.

  3. woodroad34d says

    @JamesinMA, I had a vacation house in Santa Fe for 10 years and I loved it there (this was before it became so overcrowded and gentrified and when it was really still an artist’s haven). I had planned on retiring there at some point, but it’s just so overcrowded now with SUVs and big Texas Cadillacs that I couldn’t take it any more.

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