1. says

    Huh. I was just thinking that the inexperienced, insecure, incompetent and dumb Kim Jong-Un, who looked so unhappy during his succession, might have the same daddy issues and disqualifying character flaws as George Duhhhbya Bush. Will he drag his country into a disastrous, bankrupting and needless war, like Bush did?

  2. Kyle says

    The glossolalia sounds nothing like Korean. It sounds like he’s using the same Japanese sentence over and over. Anyone know any Japanese and can elucidate?

  3. Jeff says

    “We’re sorry, but the clip you selected isn’t available from your location. Please select another clip.”

    FFS, I’m in Canada. And this still happens. WTF.

  4. james says

    Oh, dear, SNL. Now you’ve done it! Now you’ve done it! The Glorious Leader is going to be insulted and that means he’s going to fire missiles at you! Or, maybe, say to the people of North Korea, “If you were allowed to watch American television, I would not allow you to do that anymore!”

  5. gettuu says

    This guy REALLY needs to stop doing yellow face on prime time television. There are quite a few talented Asian actors and comedians, they should book one.

    Gah. It’s 2013.

  6. Thomas says

    Just like 90% of SNL the past 10 years, this manages to be both mildly offensive, derivative of jokes made by other people already, and horribly unfunny.

  7. Bill says

    @gettuu: on the other hand, having that guy play Kim gives the skit a 1940s/1930s effect (a time when unfortunately Asian actors could rarely if ever play leading roles), and Kim is nearly a throwback to that era – think Stalinist Russia.

    Of course, they are probably not that subtle. The guy playing Kim might have simply come up with the idea.

    Not that Kim will see it. The embargo on luxury goods was designed to inconvenience the North Korean leadership, which gets all the goodies while the average person more or less starves. I’ve joked that the luxury goods restriction is the reason for the nuclear threats – Kim isn’t getting new videos anymore and is suffering from withdrawal symptoms, and acting out as a result.

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