1. Caliban says

    I love that evolution graphic!

    However, Jon Stewart suggests that Salmon is at the 3rd stage but I think it’s more likely he’s still in the 2nd stage, as a recent interview with his son seems to indicate. Not only won’t he support gay marriage, he was disappointed when his son left the Mormon “reparative therapy” program they enrolled him in and wishes he’d go back into that program. In an article from several years ago about his relationship with another Mormon with family political ties, Matt Salmon said his family had refused to allow his partner to come to family events or even meet him.

    Not spitting in your son’s face but otherwise actively working against his rights at all levels is hardly “evolution.”

  2. Caliban says

    Until recently when the gay marriage became a dominant political topic everywhere, The Daily Show didn’t really address gay rights all that often. The Colbert Report brings it up FAR more often, which is one reason I in some ways prefer Colbert to Stewart.

  3. says

    @Caliban – that’s why the whole “Portman” thing was met with bewildering celebration: it was just such a stunning thing to see a republican senator decide that….um…his own son was worthy of Equality. followed by GOP talking-heads falling over themselves to state they they’d never support their own gay kid, which Salmon hideously exemplified.

    the Salmon story is too pathetically ugly for words. it’s pretty much some kid saying that his dad loves him because he doesn’t beat him anymore. uh, no, sorry kiddo. that’s not love or acceptance. it’s barely even tolerance. your father went from being bottom of the barrel mediocre to just above the bottom of the barrel mediocre.

    too often people compare their families to WORSE families. what logic is that? compare your family to, you know, families where love and support are plentiful.

    when you compare yourself to a failure in order to make yourself and your life seem “good” you prove that you know you’re barely cutting it, baby.

  4. Jack Ford says

    Grrr… geoblocked. Is there no other way to view these videos? They say to go to Comedy Central UK but there are hardly any videos there and certainly not this one.

  5. Scott says

    Sadly my dad is at stage 4… he says he still loves me even though I am gay, but marriage should be between a man and a woman. He would be fine if we called it something else though…. then I used the comparison of interracial marriage and once again he said he would be fine calling interracial couples marriage something completely different. Sad to think my father thinks this way, I haven’t pushed the issue any further just glad he supports my ‘choice’ of being gay. Just had to get that out and rant on the internet.

  6. Rob says

    Hey Scott- I am moved by your comments and way too familiar with them. I have expressed “calling it something else” as a “two drinking fountains” solution. Whites for many years pleaded for drinking fountains to be separate from those for blacks, but equal. Education as well- and as we learned in “Brown vs. Board of Education” separate but equal is a fallacy. Separate is by definition not equal. We’ve been through this.

    Here’s hoping he evolves- but it does take time. (That said, if I ever hurt my own children to a similar degree I hope someone will smack me. Hard.)

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