1. J says

    Ugh. This is problematic for a few reasons:

    1) Skipping pretty much everything from the 1700s and 1800s.
    2) Spending more time on the period from 1960-now than from the period from 1100 to 1960. This would make sense if music had gone through changes more drastic in the past 50 years than in the preceding 800, but this is *so* not the case.
    3) Putting the black eyed peas in the same category as Beethoven.

    That’s all for now.

  2. Strepsi says

    I love this group. First TV group I bought singles and an album from after I saw their incredible a capella on “The Sing Off”.

    GAY BONUS: some of the group are FoD and in the charity round they donated to THE TREVOR PROJECT.

    They’re talented folk and good eggs.

  3. Nate says

    They skipped a couple centuries, there were too many songs towards the end for how little music has really changed.

    But, they were very good.

  4. Seattle Mike says

    They should have just done the 20th century. I was expecting a LOT more from before 1900.

  5. LovinMeHRS says

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  6. Markt says

    Sounded the best on the old Jackson 5 stuff. They should look at that entire catalog. I am a big, but sometimes fan of theirs. Lots and lots of talent in there.

  7. will says

    I just realized you can waste your entire life away clicking onto random videos on the multiplicity of websites. In truth, this is inoffensive mediocre time-killing entertainment– but it’s all over the web, sucking up our lives. Cute cat videos, male models answering questioons… I’m just saturated in junk culture.

  8. UFFDA says

    “junk culture” is a much better phrase than “pop culture” though they’re both the same, not that I don’t indulge.

    Oh, and can you imagine that 11th century world? Just a hint of it (which is all we get here) is enough to inspire endless gratitude for how very, very far we’ve come. And 900 years from now, what will it be? The gays will rule of course. Thank God for reincarnation.

  9. juan says

    they do 2 minutes for the past 7 years,
    and 10 seconds for like 500 years…
    Its just a music review of their favorite songs or the songs they know, has nothing to do with the evolution of music. They might be good but look really stupid for calling it a summary. Its just a mix track.
    It woulda been interesting if without lyrics, they could have shown how rhythms, and melodies changed by showing how classic music turned into jazz, and rock and pop with hints of soul or country to pick up on. Or similarities between african rhythms and asian harmonics or something….Id be fascinated to hear that.
    What they did just sounds like a commercial for best song at the oscars or something.

  10. Eric in Chicago says

    the 90’s without SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT or any Grunge??? Otherwise aweseome!!!

  11. Dback says

    The 80’s without Tina Turner, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Whitney Houston, and no Frank Sinatra or Judy Garland anywhere? But they devote precious time to that piece of crap by the Black Eyed Peas? I call foul and say screw this.

  12. alex says

    For all the complainers: I’m sure Pentatonix will give you a refund if you contact them directly. Wait, this was free.

    It’s sad when people only complain. These five are tremendously talented. If you don’t like their song choice, feel free to upload your own a capella version.

  13. David Black-Downes says

    Wow! Such whining over whether or not this century or that gets its due. Reminds me of the line “Those who can do, those who cant, criticize.” Just enjoy the performance and shut up!