The OXD Mirror New Music for 4.12.13

Digitaria: 'Shine (Morgan Geist Remix)'

Sharing the same hometown (and even some friends) as me, Brazilian duo Digitaria is one of the many talented acts on the prolific label Hot Creations. During my late teens and early twenties, I had the chance to see Daniel Albinati and Daniela Caldellas perform live as Digitaria several times in our hometown, Belo Horizonte. They have recently picked up momentum outside of Brazil with the release of tracks like 'Crazy Life,' 'Masochist,' and the brand new 'Shine.' The single includes a remix by legendary NYC producer Morgan Geist, formerly of Metro Area, and is quite lovely. As Digitaria begins to team up with big names, I'm excited to see what comes next for the duo.


Close feat. Scuba & Charlene Soraia: 'Beam Me Up'

I've recently came across a label named Aus and quickly became obsessed with their catalogue of releases. British producer Will Saul, the talented (and handsome) man behind the company, is soon unveiling an album under his newest moniker, Close, appropriately named Getting Closer. With a due date set in June, Close has already shared the first single, 'Beam Me Up,' a collaboration with producer Scuba which features vocals by Charlene Soraia. This is a strong track which combines Soraia's angelic voice with a minimal, yet throbbing take on introspective deep house. The single will also include remixes by George FitzGerald (who has recently re-worked Jessie Ware's 'No To Love') and NYC's Hercules And Love Affair.

This week's post was written and curated by Tadeu Magalhães.

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  1. Adam says

    You guys either have the worst taste in music, or you’re so one dimensional that you have no clue about any music outside of your stupid remixes. Probably a lot of both.

  2. OXD_Josh says

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for reading. The three of us have a wide array of musical tastes, but our focus for this column and for Occupy the Disco is on a specific type of music, which is stated clearly in the header of every column.

  3. EricD. says

    I like the “Outside Amore” song. You can find it on Spotify as well, so I’m going to start a station with that song, see what happens. With regard to what the other guys said, I always give these a listen, but normally don’t like any of them either. I do like disco, but hate house and trance. Dance music from the nineties, which I cut my teeth on and loved, was very different. It made you want to dance.

  4. EricD. says

    Randy, I didn’t know about Woodkid, but I just listened to a random pick from them, and did like it, so thank you.

  5. Paul says

    Obviously Ken and Adam are more interested in the latest Tribal remixes of the 10th single taken off Rihanna’s latest epic fail. Love your selections Josh, as always.

  6. stephen says

    guess you can’t please everyone. i love the OXD postings…keep doing what you’re doing!

  7. steve says

    I want to love these postings…I really do…I love discovering new music that I love… just not feeling it. And, I do not live in Idaho :)

  8. Max says

    As a matter of fact, I think your selection is sophisticated and knowledgeable. Keep it up dear, and just ignore the narrow-minded haters.