1. Howard says

    How is it possible that the US is behind Uruguay in marriage equality?

    If things don’t change after the SCOTUS decision in June, there will be Hell to pay.

  2. ATLJason says

    What I hate is that we’re not going to have this kind of moment. DOMA will be overturned, which will be awesome, but there won’t be some huge single decision that legalizes gay marriage everywhere. It will come in dribs and drabs in individual atates over the next several years. I want a big landmark Supreme Court decision so we can dance in the streets in celebration. And, let’s face it, it would also be a big fat middle finger to the right which would just be an added bonus.

  3. Marc says

    This brought the biggest smile to my face! And the drag queen with the big hair is the most fabulous expression of this jubilation!
    Love and Equality… RUN THIS MUTHA!


    Next up…. AMERICA!

  4. unokhan says

    unlike the united states, uraguay has a long history of popular democratic resistance and an organized militant intelligentsia. it is no surprise they beat us to this social milestone. sometimes we must celebrate events afar when they do not happen at home.

  5. KT says

    The United States is going to be so far behind the Western World pretty soon when it comes to same sex marriage. France’s bill just has some minor votes to get through before it is law, New Zealand will mostly likely approve their bill as early as next week, the UK is on track to approve their bill, and Colombia will be forced by its courts to recognize SSM unless they pass a civil union bill (which is better than nothing). By the end of the summer, potentially 16 countries will have SSM with momentum brewing in countries like Australia, Germany, and Vietnam. (Can you imagine if Vietnam got SSM before the US?) And here we are in the US fighting an uphill battle for SSM in such “liberal” states as RI and NJ. Forget TX and AL. The only way SSM is happening there is if the Supreme Court forces them.

  6. SayTheTruth says

    Remember Uruguay if you want a tranquil, friendly, free and safe place to spend your vacations. When I wrote free, I mean in a sense few countries could afford for us gays. Don’t reward backward countries with your money.

  7. Jim says

    My God, there’s more respect for civil and human rights in Uruguay than in the United States. What a messed up, religion-crazed society America has become.

  8. Francis #1 says

    The USA is effectively already way behind. In Germany and Australia, for example, marriage equality support is in the 60s with the populous. I think it’s in the 70s actually in Germany. Whereas in the US it’s in the low-50s and according to the Williams Institute chart, only 12 states have majority approval of marriage equality.

    A lot of that is because the facts are that the USA is still a center-right country and the majority of people identify as either conservative or moderate. The good thing is those moderates are starting to lean more and more blue so our demographics are changing and with that, we will see more progress on our issues.

  9. Darrell says

    And Uruguay joins an “exclusive” club of nations that has legalized Gay Marriage here in the 21st Century. I live in one (Canada) and have visited others such as Spain, Netherlands, Belguim, Argentina, and even Uruguay on a day trip from Buenos Airies…..

    Now if our big brother down south would step to the the plate and endorse “freedom” things would pay off even more in regards to equality.

  10. Rob says

    While I would be tempted to favor the idea of turning over cars in epic numbers if doma and Prop 8 were not tossed out in June, maybe a complete work stoppage of all gay people would be a better thing. Or coordinated traffic blockades like they do in France.

    Uruguay is not a backwater country, but still, the US is falling further behind. …beacon for liberty my ass.

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