Vladimir Putin Says Russia Does Not Discriminate Against Gays


Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared in a press conference in Amsterdam on Monday and said that his country does not discriminate against gay people, Reuters reports:

"In the Russian Federation – so that it is clear to everybody – there is no infringement on the rights of sexual minorities. These people…enjoy all the same rights and freedoms as everyone else."

Tell that to Artem Kalinin:


Or this guy:


Or the protestors who got attacked by these people:


Or these activists with egg on their faces:


Or these demonstrators arrested last December:


Or the people attacked by men in masks on "coming out day":


In January, the Russian Duma passed a ban on gay "propaganda" in a 390-1 vote on its first reading:


But no, gays enjoy the same freedoms as everyone else, according to Putin.

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  1. SFshawn says

    Putin is a dangerous dictator and egomaniac.
    Dictators are liars.
    Putin is a liar. His governments actions of oppression and censorship are well documented on public media including 60 minutes,etc. If he wants to do a press conference and pretend that the world isn’t watching is INSANE…which is what him and some of these backwards ‘countries’ really are…living in denial until reality smacks them in the face.

  2. says

    On gay.ru several people are commenting that they lost their jobs because they are gay.

    Putin also said there’s no problem with people “climbing up the career ladder” when they’re gay.

    How do you then explain that there are basically NO out gay people in any visible position anywhere?

  3. C.J. says

    Yeah, OK. Him and Ahmadinejad can have lunch together and while Putin says that gays have equal rights, Ahmadinejad can sit and explain how lucky he is that there are no gay people in Iran. WOW. JUST. WOW.

  4. Paul says

    Little angry man… (very little compared to Mark Rutte). Thanks for all the people in Amsterdam to protest his visit. He is not welcome anywhere.

  5. Julia says

    I think gay people suffering mental sickness. Why we should promote it …normal people? In the animal world ..sick animals could be killed by other animals. Why do we should promote something which is absolutely abnormal? If you are a gay,,,be it…live it,,,but don’t scream about it in every corner. If somebody is mentally sick ..like schizophrenia or bio polar…they don’t go out and scream about it…society still don’t accept this people. So gays should be more discrete and modest about it.

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