Vladimir Putin Threatens to Ban Adoptions of Russian Children for Nations That Allow Gay Marriage

President Vladimir Putin today suggested changes to Russia's adoption laws could be forthcoming to bar nations that allow gay marriage from adopting, the Telegraph reports:

PutinSpeaking at Novo-Ogarevo, his residence outside Moscow, Mr Putin said he thought bilateral agreements with other countries on adoption should be changed if they contradicted Russian law.

The president was responding to a suggestion by the head of a regional parliament that Russia should modify its bilateral adoption agreement with France because of the country’s recent approval of gay marriage.

“She is right,” said Mr Putin. “We have to react to what is going on around us. We treat our partners with respect, but we ask that they treat with respect the cultural traditions, the ethic, legal and moral norms of Russia.

“I believe I have the right to introduce changes into such documents. This is a topical question, we need to think about this.”


  1. says

    Vladimir Putin – ” i saw this old musical called Oliver! And I was saddened to hear that that type of cruel overcrowded orphanage is harder to find these days. I hope to ensure that orphanages remain crowded and the children lonely and without parents, so they can be inspired to conduct massive musical numbers , which is apparently what a prolonged stay in a crowded orphanage does to you.”

  2. HadenoughBS says

    19th Century Tsarist Russia lives starring Vladimir Putin as “The Tsar” with all supporting roles played by members of the Russian Orthodox Church. Now, is this homophobic position really a surprise to anyone? Anyone??

    How do you say NOMbie in Russian?

  3. says

    Good for him! Once an orphan, always an orphan; that’s what I say! It’s their own fault they couldn’t hang on to the parents they were given; why the hell should they be allowed to live with two, adoring parents who can provide for them a loving home, a future, an education. Humbug! You GO, Vlad!

  4. Bart says

    When Vlad the Impaler and the Bigot Brigade in the U.S. agree on something, the rest of us show know we are on the side of right.

    Any man who would do such harm to the parentless children of his nation is the lowest form of human being. I guess “the cultural traditions, the ethic, legal and moral norms of Russia” are intolerably cruelty and evil.

  5. Ted says

    “Vladimir Putin Threatens to Ban Adoptions of Russian Children for Nations That Allow Gay Marriage”… That’s fine Mr. Putin. Your welcome to keep those kids.

  6. Clayton says

    They wouldn’t be in an orphanage if they hadn’t lost both their parents. To lose one parent may be regarded as unfortunate. To lose both looks like carelessness.

  7. Clayton says

    They wouldn’t be in an orphanage if they hadn’t lost both their parents. To lose one parent may be regarded as unfortunate. To lose both looks like carelessness.

  8. Randy says

    Yes, of course — all the nations of the world know that the children of Russia make the very best children for anyone, and we are just dying to adopt your orphans.

    With this new ruling, it will make all the nations rethink — do we allow our gay people to be married at the cost of not every being able to adopt a superior being from Russia?

    Clearly, without the influx of the supermen and women that come from Russia, countries such as Canada, Argentina, Belgium, and now France will end up in the dustbin of history.

  9. Caliban says

    Oh shucky darn! No more psychotic kids from with affective disorders because they’ve never been picked up and held in those Russian orphanages they’ve been warehoused in. However will we get by without them?!

  10. says

    How does this hurt anyone but the children of Russia – who clearly are already enjoying the very best of Russian cultural traditions…?

    It really would suck to rip them away from their lives of luxury, lounging around all day in Russian orphanages and drag them off to some homo-loving country where they might actually have friends, and go to school, and see the sun…

  11. Fahd says

    Russia is just a backwards country. Thank goodness they have all those natural resources to sell so that we can buy them off with hard currency.

    Leave the sleeping bear lie.

    As it happens, there are plenty of children in need of parents around the world.

  12. walter says

    putin is no different than any other of the communist dictators from the history of the soviet union. he would rather children living drab state run orphanages than having a loving family

  13. jamal49 says

    HadenoughBS, Tsarist Russia was not so homophobic, not like Putin’s Russia, which is still governed psychologically by the cancer of Lenin-Stalin. Yes, same-sex relationships were frowned upon publicly but condoned privately. It was expected that a man would get married. What he did after he was married was his business. There were a lot of sexless marriages in the Russian aristocracy.

  14. melody says

    I know a few Americans who have adopted Russian children from an orphanage. Many children are not socialized and many don’t develop any people skills. Some are very difficult ,they have remained in cribs for too long,have not had the attention they need and have been unloved. Some have alcohol syndrome from birth, from parents who drink too much when pregnant. There is a great deal of alcoholism in Russia. I’m sure there are many children that are fine,but one does take a chance.
    As far as the dictator Putin,maybe he should worry less about countries with Gay equality and start giving his own people freedom. He could also help the children of his own country,by getting the Russian people to adopt them.

  15. DONOVAN says

    France simply laughs at him.

    It’s one thing to stick to national pride, it’s another thing to screw your own children over because of your own ignorance/prejudices.

    You don’t want the French to take care of your kids, because they are also willing to take care of their own citizens of every sexual orientation? Ok, your loss, and an even bigger loss for the children in your country who need homes.

  16. SayTheTruth says

    Well, a better wording would be: Vladimir Putin Threatens to Ban Adoptions of Russian Fetal Alcohol Syndrom Children for Nations That Allow Gay Marriage. I don’t know if that is such a bad thing.

  17. Jesse says

    I saw the movie “Orphan.” frankly, it is very representative of a huge chunk of former Russian and Eastern blocks folks I know. Sadly, they are sooo damaged. And most likely to bring their long history of hatred to the US, trading their evil discrimination against jews, gypsies, poles (or whatever neighboring group they want to scapegoat) for anti-gay zealotry.

  18. billmiller says

    Russia has always been backward! That is why Catherine the Great invited Germans to settle there to bring some quality to the nation. Pukein is the new Hitler-light.

  19. Onnyjay says

    So… it’s OK for Putana to ride around half-naked on a horse for the benefit of newsies and photogs, but not OK for impoverished, unhealthy, abused Russian kids to find a stable, loving home because of the chance the home might be that of a same-sex couple? What a bloody idiot, he has no right to oxygen.

  20. BobN says

    “…we ask that they treat with respect the cultural traditions, the ethic, legal and moral norms of Russia.”

    Like the abysmal treatment of orphans in Russia, I suppose.

  21. RexT says

    The Russian Orthodox Church Leadership – have successfully connected with Putin – much like the religious right and the GOP here in the USA. He strengthens his side of their new found love using “The Gays” – with each new opportunity. There is a financial link buried in there somewhere, just as it is with the big cash donors behind many of our elected politicians. The Greek Orthodox Church, taking action in much the same way – using the Thug mentality to do their work. Putin is essentially a Thug, the streets of Russia full of them who gleefully attack.

  22. kode says

    Russia has some kind of PR war going on about Russian children at the moment. I’d say this is more about inside politics of Russia than anything else.

    I’m from Finland, and being next door neighbour with the Soviets there are some, although not that many, relationships between Finns and Russians. There have been some cases where Finnish government’s child services have taken kids away from these couples, who they see unfit to be parents. Of course there has to be some quite serious doubts about the parents’ ability to be a parent if kids are taken away from them (whether it’s temporary or permanent), but Russian government has made these cases very public and accused Finland of treating Russians badly. In reality the percentage of these Finn-Russian cases is even lower than the cases of kids taken away from completely Finnish families.

    The Russian government’s Children’s Commissioner Pavel Astakhov, who seems like a regular corrupt Russian government official when looking at his Wikipedia page, has very publicly badmouthed Finland many times because of these very few child cases, and many times lied to represent Finland in bad light. E.g. there have been stories in Russian newspapers that Russian families traveling to Finland for a holiday might get their children taken away from them by the Finnish government. This is all of course absolutely absurd.

    Because Finnish social services of course never publicly discuss any particular case because of the confidentiality the Russians have tried to make it all look like Finland is acting anti-Russian and doing it secretly. It’s gotten so bad that our president even has talked with Putin about it.

    You can’t trust Russia, not at all. At the moment, or is it always?, it’s run by corrupt people who fight all the time to stay in the power. Political analysts here in Finland have said that probably all this child talk Russia is having now is because they are trying to make their government look like it cares for its own people, and that they are trying to make Russia look like being on top of other countries in the eyes of the Russian people.

    Russian’s anti-gay agenda is quite worrying, and for some reason they have made it a part of the whole government’s agenda. This latest Putin’s talk of not letting gay-friendly countries adopt Russian children is just part of the earlier discussion, where e.g. Finland and USA have been accused of being anti-Russian because of how they treat kids of Russian people. At the moment gay marriage is getting accepted in many countries and Russia is trying to affect the outcome.

    I have no idea what’s behind the anti-gay sentiment of Putin and the whole Russia, but it sure is scary, and I really feel bad for the Russian gays living in that hell hole of a country.

  23. mmike1969 says

    My man, V.

    These kids were rejected by their str8 parents or have proven themselves unable to care for them. That’s why they were up for adoption in the first place.

    And now you are going to eliminate countries around the world who want to adopt these kids your own citizens rejected?

    Including str8 parents? Yeah, your logic is kind of flawed.

  24. Bill says

    @Jack M: Actually, Russia did the heavy lifting in defeating the Nazis. During World War II, the last thing a German wanted was to be sent to the Eastern Front.

    The heavy lifting, of course, included Russia’s size and frigid winters, and the Russian government can’t take credit for that. The U.S. and the U.K. provided substantial material assistance to the Russians as well. Regardless, about 80% of Germany’s military losses during that war were on the Eastern Front.

    Ironically, Hitler’s easy defeat of France, with Hitler going against the advise of his generals, convinced him that he was a military genius when he was in reality a military idiot. He found out on the Eastern Front, but probably never admitted it, even to himself.

  25. Freedom says

    I agree with Putin as homosexuality is not normal and kids should not be put into a situation that confuses gender Identity. That in itself can be construed as mental abuse. No one is born of 2 Males or 2 females and thus should not be forced to grow up thinking they have 2 mothers or 2 fathers as you can only have one of each. Life doesn’t work that way and it never will. JUST BEING REAL:)

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