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Towleroad Talking Points: Robertson, Morgan and Smoking Kids

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Kevin Spacey photobombs a random woman and makes me wish he was my best friend all at the same time 


A look back at today's top stories


Two days after Jason Collins' groundbreaking declaration about his sexuality, sales for his custom "98" jersey have skyrocketed and the Sports Illustrated website has set records for article views. Support continues to, for lack of a better term, come out for Collins. Especially in the sports world where it seems to have cost a former NFL a player a chance to speak at a church. Not that he seems too sad about it. 

The media is also celebrating Collins. David Letterman and Dr. Phil had a surprisingly serious and powerful conversation about the importance of Collins' announcement. And Jon Stewart is happy for potential gay athletes but isn't sure they want to be associated with such a wacky bunch



It hasn't been all rosy when it comes to the Jason Collins story, there have certainly been a fair share of wingnuts to make their way out of the woodwork. Anti-gay and anti-everybody bigot Pat Robertson defended ESPN talking head Chris Broussard's recent comments about Collins being "in rebellion to God". And Piers Morgan asked Collins' ex-girlfriend if he apologized to her


A shockingly stupid new anti-gay ad equates being gay with handing out cigarettes to little kids. A local news station in Missouri took an in-depth look inside the home of a family with two moms and found nothing wrong. Gasp! Also someone at the Cleveland Plain Dealer just completely devalued the life of a murdered trans woman



Good news in Delaware where a senate panel has advanced a marriage equality bill! A large group of protesters made their presence known in front of the San Francisco pride offices on Monday. The demonstrators are upset about the removal of Bradley Manning as the parade's grand marshal. And it seems that Republicans and those in favor of LGBT inclusive immigration reform are about to clash in a big way



With the new One World Trade Center set to become the largest building in the western hemisphere, take a helicopter tour of the new building dominating the New York skyline

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Cher Sings with Mom on Ellen: VIDEO


Cher brought her mother Georgia Holt, and sister Georganne LaPiere to Ellen today. They even sang a song!


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Jason Collins Custom '98' Jersey Sales Spike After His Coming Out; Story Sends Record Traffic to


Sales of Washington Wizards jerseys with the number '98' spiked after his coming out, ABC News reports:

Team spokesman Scott Hall told ABC News that 100 percent of custom jerseys ordered from the team’s online store bore Collins’ name and number, 98, on the back, after Collins revealed his homosexuality in an article published on Sports Illustrated’s website on Monday...While Hall could not reveal how many custom Collins jerseys were sold, he said that the team’s general merchandise sales and online traffic spiked following Collins’ announcement.

The '98' was, as you may know, a tribute to Matthew Shepard.

Collins' story led to record website traffic for Sports illustrated, Mashable reports:

The magazine's website,, drew 3.713 million unique visitors Monday. Its previous high came on Feb. 9, 2010, when the site drew 3.663 million unique visitors for both its Winter-Olympics coverage and launch of its annual swimsuit issue.

The site also reported a record-setting mobile day, with 740,000 unique visitors generating 1.5 million pageviews via smartphones and other devices. The company says that's three times the site's normal mobile pageview number, and five times its average number of unique visitors since relaunching for mobile last October.

On the flipside, Collins has been receiving some online death threats.

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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1359

GOOGLE GLASS: A how-to. Are you interested in buying this gadget?

CELINE DION: A snippet of her new song.

CHILLY GONZALEZ: On his collaboration with Daft Punk.

JANE FONDA: Chats with Coco Peru, remembers Harvey Milk.

For recent Guides to the Tube, click HERE.

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Idiotic Wingnut Ad Uses Kids to Warn That Homosexuality is More Dangerous Than Smoking: VIDEO


Remember the laughably horrible wingnut adultery ad mocking the gay coming out process?

They're back with a new one. This one warns that homosexuality is more dangerous to your health than smoking, and mocks anti-bullying group GLSEN and the gay children's book Heather Has Two Mommies.

It also features the head of the American Family Association’s Michigan chapter Gary Glenn, who favors the criminalization of homosexuality.


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UPDATE: Video pulled due to hate speech.


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Delaware Senate Panel Advances Marriage Equality Bill in 4-2 Vote


Delaware's Senate Executive Committee has advanced HB75, the marriage equaility bill, in a 4-2 vote. It now heads to the full Senate for a vote.

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