1. Douglas says

    “We all won.”

    Is this blog primarily intended for gay men? Does it ever show beautiful topless women for the enjoyment of any lesbian readers? I don’t recall that happening.

  2. Douglas says

    Jerry, I am a gay man and it’s not that I “need” to see topless women. But my question still stands. Are lesbians welcome on this “homosexually tendentious” site? And if so, why not sometimes also show what might appeal to gay women?

  3. Jerry says

    @douglas the problem with that argument is that lesbians, at least the ones I know, don’t drool over topless girls the way gay men drool over shirtless boys. Men are truly different than women…even gay ones.

  4. Mikey says

    When did the commentariat become such a bitter bunch around here.

    This is a blog primarily aimed at gay men. There are countless blogs out there that stretch the spectrum. Relax.

    And the self-hating trolls are becoming a pest. Can we spray for them?

  5. lewlew says

    If the site is not to your liking, there are plenty of other sites. If there’s not one that you like, start your own.

    No need to whine about political correctness — especially when it’s not even your personal issue.


  6. Drew says

    Derek’s getting smart; pander that hotness out to the gays, and the rest of the straight populace may follow since everyone knows us gays are always ahead of the curve.

    But yeah, Derek’s 6’5″ body is crazy sexy.

  7. MIkey says

    Derek Thaler? I’d love to trace his abs with my fingertips, work on down beneath his belly button, and give him a massage he’d never forget (nor would I)

  8. Rob says

    It’s shameful and a disgrace that 90% of the comments in here are debating if this is a site for lesbians to lust over topless pictures of women whilst this towering Adonis at the top of the paper is going woefully un-perved over.

    Gentlemen and ‘ladies’ please stop the hating and just enjoy the sights for goodness sake

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