1. Mike in the tundra says

    “I take being the focus of their attention and disparagement as a true compliment of my public service effectiveness.”

    Or it could be because you are batshit crazy.

  2. jleo71 says

    Nice to know she is going to fight for all the things she hates about Obama. LOL!

  3. Mike in the tundra says

    Minnesota passing the marriage equality amendment may have broken her spirit.

  4. CD says

    “Bachmann says she’ll continue to fight for family values, and all the things she hates about Obama.”

    Translation of summation: I’m gotten a gig as a lobbyist.

  5. says

    just like when the intolerant liberal mainstream media made Sarah Palin look bad by quoting her words verbatim and in their proper context?

  6. Profe Sancho Panza says

    Either she knows at least one of the ongoing investigations is going to strike oil, or else some Marcus-related horror is going to surface.

  7. johnny says

    Yup, Profe, that’s my guess too.

    And the fact that after showing her ass for another 4 years, she doesn’t have a Minnesota snowball’s chance in hell to get re-eclected.

  8. HadenoughBS says

    Hey, Michele…our doe-eyed babe…don’t let the Congressional screen door hit you on the ass on the way out. And, for God’s sake, turn off the damn light!


    Kisses to Marcus, too!

  9. says

    She and her buddy from Alaska are adult children … mean, high school cheerleaders that never grew up.. infant mentalities ..

  10. kit says

    She had already started running re-election ads in her district. This decision is very sudden and it is the opposite of what she had been planning for a while now. I would bet that someone finally got the real goods on this “christian.”

  11. Michael says

    Give me a flipping break. Does she really think anyone, besides the far-right whackos, are really buying her excuse as to why she’s not running.


    “No, I’ll just give up my power because… um, because… because, um, I want to.”

  12. mic says

    Perhaps one of Jimmy “La Saliva’s” pals can answer this question for all of us “Libruls”

    How is it that the GOP, the party of so-called “Personal Responsibility” has no problem with another one of their top tier TP darlings ditchng her office to avoid a full out FBI investigation?

    Any Log Cabin Republicans wishing to swoop in with a defense of another quitter?


    We all know what TP stands for; Toilet Paper.

  13. normadesmond says

    she wants to be free and ready to accept
    her party’s nomination to run as president.

    where’s my bumper sticker!

  14. Jack M says

    Everybody in Congress has gotten sick and tired of her nonsense and has turned their backs on her. What took them so long?

    I expect her to turn up on the 700 Club any day now.

  15. says

    Please. She finally focused her crazy eyes long enough to read the writing on the wall and is bailing out to save herself the further embarrassment. Lunatic b*tch barely squeaked by her in last election, and knows no amount of Gerrymandering is going to save her crazy @$$ this time.

    Now she can devote more time to not having lots of hot, heterosexual nookie with Marcus!

  16. Micklest says

    Wait, I’m confused. When did Nan from the “True Blood” Vampire Protection League change her name and become a congressperson?

  17. John B. says

    It honestly looks and sounds like an SNL skit. She’s just too plastic to be real.

  18. Bill says

    Did she get cold feet when she learned that someone had dropped a house on her sister?

    Or is the rain getting to her? “I’m melting!”

  19. Fred says

    This really is too bad; the more nuts like her running, the easier the “choices”.

    Congress is comprised primarily of weasels that have no integrity making dirty backroom deals with other weasels. That so many people believe otherwise is really a greater problem than Bachman.

  20. Rexford says

    She barely squeaked by to win her last re-election campaign in 2012. (It was 50.6% to 49.4%)

  21. MickleSt says

    MateoM, you’re welcome. I love it when I make people choke. …let me rephrase that. 😉

  22. andrew says

    As a progressive, I am sorry to see Michele Bachmann leave Congress. Had she stayed she almost certainly would have lost her seat to a democrat. Now the Republicans may choose a less crazy candidate and hold on to that House seat. Also, every time she opened her mouth the forces of regression and bogotry lost ground. Sorry to see her go!