1. says

    Dear Beard Bachmann, it’s your nonstop paying in public, which directly disobeys my commandment in my Sermon on the Mount that your prayers be done in private, that makes me hate you so much.

    tired and over it, Jesus.

  2. JerzeeMike says

    I know one thing you can do better on that day besides,”hmble ourselves before an almighty God.” You could pick up a science book & educate yourself on just why religion is bogus!!

  3. Rob says

    I’m confused. If Benghazi is god’s judgement How can it also be Hillary’s fault. Someone needs to pull MB aside and explain that she is undermining their talking point.

    One more thing, I love reading about how the Repugs are going to regroup and be more modern, big tent, and welcoming, only to then see that they can’t quit the crazy!

  4. Caliban says

    You know, when you strike a pose like that, if you don’t say “Oh, mighty Isis!” and start to fly it’s IMO going to be a real let-down.

    But then she’s abasing herself before the almighty Space Ghost, so what do I know about it?

    (I seem to have Sat. morning cartoons on the brain today.)

  5. UFFDA says

    It’s the most peculiar mindset – all resistance automatically flies into the Satan category. Such people are immune to learning and to change. Like Lot’s wife, their minds have long since turned to stone and they are impervious. Benign indifference, I am told, is the best response and I look forward to the day when that is what I feel. Right now, however, I want such people bloodlessly obliterated though I could live with some left over grease spots.

  6. excy says

    Enough with the almighty God…..when will level-headed citizens of the USA out rightly reject this insanity.
    To quote George Carlin “Tell people that there’s an invisible man in the sky that created the universe, and the vast majority will believe you. Tell people that the paint is wet, and they have to touch it to make sure.”

  7. RONTEX says

    You know, when you strike a pose like that, if you don’t say “Oh, mighty Isis!” and start to fly it’s IMO going to be a real let-down. Caliban, you win the crown today.

    “Oh nether winds which blow on high, lift me know so I can fly”…

  8. Jack M says

    Can’t this woman be removed from office? I am furious about this. Blatant reaching from a member of Congress? America is not a theocracy. Who do we write to in order to protest this crazy lunatic and her agenda??

  9. JONES says

    Thanks Benton, Sherburne, Stearns, Wright, Anoka, and Washington (Minn 6th)
    This is who best represents your district? This is who you want to make laws for the entire country?
    Happy now?

  10. hugo says

    She’s prepping for her next career move: pastoriana in one of those mega churches. She heard those guys make good money; and she knows her time in Congress may be up next time around.

    That, or she wants to transfer to Broadway for the next Evita revival.

  11. woodroad34d says

    Shrill and shrikish she-devil. She’s not praying to God; she’s praying to her own inner-demon. As Ann Bancroft said in “Turning Point”: “Oh, that’s not a little toad. That’s rather a large bullfrog!” (I’m supposing that could also refer to Marcus)

  12. s. says

    God’s judgement, indeed. Anything that opposes love is not of God. God needs no interpretation – particularly from the likes of Michele. What egotistical arrogance to think one knows God’s will. Geeze! Poor God gets blamed for everything!

  13. Craig says

    What this woman says isn’t much different from what Fred Phelps says. Yet even the crazies think Phelps is crazy. Why does Bachmann get a pass from them?

  14. SFshawn says

    So a 23 year old man is murdered in an incredibly violent way in Russia and here in the USofA this idiot woman gets to continue to spew her hatred,ignorance and stupidity. Wow. What an amazing world.

  15. bructer says

    This is the worst of America, they need to vote her out as soon as possible. She is a detriment to humanity and to the nation. go be a preacher if that is what you believe, and leave the the running of the country to sane people.

  16. gregorybrown says

    That pose is probably the closest she’s likely to look like a woman in orgasm. I suspect that Marcus has made the face more often than Michelle, and surely not with her involved at all. Pathetic woman.

  17. Bill O says

    Perhaps 9/11 will become a religious holiday. Like Christmas. We can all start giving gifts or something. And start our shopping early…and maybe even fight another battle in the culture wars as we are accused of trying to take the 11th out of September.

  18. Bill O says

    Perhaps 9/11 will become a religious holiday. Like Christmas. We can all start giving gifts or something. And start our shopping early…and maybe even fight another battle in the culture wars as we are accused of trying to take the 11th out of September.

  19. Ethan says

    I know one thing you can do better than humble yourselves…actually work with the people and stop blocking bills and worrying about any judgement from some unknown diety. If a gods judgement requires innocent human lives, why the hell would you want to worship it?

  20. Caliban says

    OK, seriously. WTF?!

    It’s one thing to have personal religious beliefs, but our government is a secular institution and for an elected official to be blaming civic tragedies on displeasing her invisible deity is WAY out of line!

    It’s bad enough (and equally delusional) when preachers do it, but hey, that’s their schtick. But Bachmann is supposed to represent the people of her district in government, not her wackadoodle and rather obsessive religious beliefs.

  21. Hey Darlin' says

    Nothing like humbling yourself before an almighty audience, crying out to all cameras within earshot, promoting not Him but ourselves. To top it all off, she can think of nothing better than to steal the day of remembrance for so many who were actually directly affected by 9/11 and use it for her own self-serving needs. But seriously, I don’t think anyone is giving her enough credit for effectively hiding the buckles on that straightjacket.

  22. Paul R says

    Hey David, it’s Mu Mu (for some reason I’ve been listening to that song recently), but thanks for the video, which I’d not seen and is fabulous.

  23. Hey Darlin' says

    Is there anything better you could do on that day, than to pray to an almighty God? Yes Michelle, you need to donate your speaking fees to a 9/11 charity to help the real victims. Stop proselytzing Michele Bachmann.

  24. Canadian Observer says

    Is it just me that wishes some merry prankster had installed a bucket of pigs blood above the podium…. or does anyone else wish they had seen Carrie re-enacted.

  25. Icebloo says

    Only in America would someone certifiably insane be voted into public office. This is very frightening. Instead of being brainwashed against foreign Muslims we need to take a good look at our own crazies like Bachman. Our taxes are being used to pay for this evil witch’s luxury lifestyle !

  26. Mary says

    “It’s no secret that we all are concerned that our nation may be in a time of decline”

    I’m not sure where Mrs. Bachmann has been living, but for the past 45 years social conservatives have been making America’s moral decline their chief subject of discussion. There is no “maybe” about how socons views America. And actually there IS something socons can do. Of course from their persepctive prayer is good, but then this is something they were supposedly doing all along. What they could do that is different is to admit that they’ve lost the American people and then plan how to win them back. But this involves a lot of humility, and a lot of painful introspection. She’s just not up for the task. If she tried this and THEN it failed I might understand her rather desperate action here. Socons usually don’t sound the way she does in public (asking people to pray instead of doing something political.)

    She must know how “cray-cray” this sounds to people, but she’s saying this to justify to herself the belief that there’s nothing more socons can do.

    Some conservatives at Free Republic are so beside themselves that they are asking God to bring about judgment day. Yes, I’m serious. They’d rather see the end of the world than have to do the hard work of rebuilding the cultural Right from scratch. And wishing for judgment day only speeds up death for those who are unsaved, so it is doubly absurd to wish for it. Why not wish for the postponement of judgment day in otder to give as many people as possible a chance to get saved?

    However, you look at it, Mrs. Bachmann’s actions make little sense.

  27. JONES says

    Nailed it. She is an elected lawmaker. One of the most powerful positions in the country.

    The ‘judgement day’ hope has been around for a while. When you see people as far gone as Bachmann on a regular basis it becomes apparent that there’s a rapture like glow whenever they talk about it. The crowning achievement of their lives would be to witness it.

  28. Chris says

    I am not religious but I do find it funny that those who profess to follow Christianity often ignore parts of it.

    Matthew 5: 5 – 6
    5 “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. 6 But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”

    There she is, in public with her face to heaven, talking about humbling herself when she is doing anything but.

  29. andrew says

    She believes that the creator, if there be one, of the billion gallaxies universe inspired that collection of primitive myths called the bible. What else do you expect her to say?

  30. Marc says

    How do delusional people wind up in power? It simply reinforces their delusions that they are some sort of prophet or doing “God’s Will” for the world. F’n scary.

  31. Peter Hargmier says

    “Is there anything better that we can do on that day rather than to humble ourselves and to pray to an almighty God?”

    Umm, perhaps some charity work? Volunteer at a soup kitchen? Take some hot meals to the elderly and infirm?

    In fact, anything would be better than spending the entire day with your hands clasped together, talking to yourself.

    Silly rabbit.

  32. heebiejeebies says

    Ugh. Every time someone appoints his/her self as God’s very own mouthpiece, I just have to squint at ’em and think, “what kind of mind does it take to do that??”

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