1. says

    the irony that she and her followers are barely different from the “Islamists” they love to loathe will, of course, be lost on them.

    people that think and promote the idea that “God” is on “their side” are the cause of all the world’s problems.

  2. Hey Darlin' says

    If the Republican Party could approve of her as a candidate for office, what hope does that give the party for survival in the modern world? The Republican Party better wake up from it’s ideology, the likes of Michele Bachmann are beginning to make the party look just like she does.

  3. says

    Just so everyone knows, “spiritual warfare” is a very common term in evangelical Christianity. It’s a phrase that refers to Ephesians chapter 6, in which the Apostle Paul used multiple metaphors from war, including the “shield of faith,” the “helmet of salvation,” “sword of the spirit” and so on. It’s become more of a catchphrase in the last few decades, thanks to popular novels like “This Present Darkness” and the “Left Behind” series. When Christians talk about spiritual warfare, they’re essentially talking about studying their Bibles and praying in specific terms. Some Christians think that if you use certain phrases or meditate on certain ideas — like a ‘hedge of protection’ or being covered by the ‘blood of Jesus,’ your prayers will be more effective.

    Is Michelle Bachmann crazy? Yes. But while it’s rare to hear this kind of language from an elected politician, it’s NOT rare to hear this kind of language within the evangelical church.

  4. woodroad34d says

    With her nashing of teeth, she probably feels right at home in her personal little hell. I’m absolutely positive this kind of extreme behavior has something to do with Marcus Pigus.

  5. Ted says

    One Man/One Woman…Interesting, since Lamech is the first of a long line of biblical men with more than one wife. So were exactly does one man/woman traditional marriage fit in, Michelle?

  6. JONES says

    Where’s the outcry against Bachmann’s hate speech from those in the religious right that don’t want to be called out for being bigots?

    All those Senators on the floor of the Minnesota legislature yesterday, what say you to this? She’s one of your very own.

  7. The Milkman says

    She wants warfare? Really? Or is it just “spiritual warfare” in that she wants the bigots and the feeble-minded simply to prostrate themselves and pray for deliverance from this evil equality mumbo-jumbo? The latter is fine with me… the former? Bring it. Go ahead. You start.

  8. Hey Darlin' says

    Michele Bachmann is undoubtedly paid by these “conferences” to speak to views she may or may not even hold. It’s shameful what some people will do simply for an appearance fee.

    It’s really truly sick but even in the not so distant past, someone erected and lit the cross. I’m sure even her God is going to question her behavior. She probably won’t allow Him to question her though.

  9. Profe Sancho Panza says

    Bachmann has become so delusional that giving her a microphone is starting to seem almost sadistic. She doesn’t even have Pat Robertson’s excuse of old age.

  10. bructer says

    I think Little Kiwi is right on this is just like Islamist s they are just as dug in to there religious rhetoric as the Islamist s. Why can’t they just mind there own business the whole world will never believe like them, just as the whole world will never be Islam

  11. Amaezm says

    Spiritual Warfare: Beat the hell out of the nearest homo you can find, beat them with your holy fists of light powered by god’s love, or if you can find one, a burning sword of vengeance much like the angels of yore! Beat them until Satan’s essence is turned from their battered homo souls, and you can reclaim their broken bodies for christ! What a glorious day to execute God’s love for humanity!

  12. Wayne says

    This reminds me of a scene from the movie ‘Saved’. When Mandy Moore’s character throws a Bible at Jena Malone’s head and yells “I am filled with Christ’s love!” They are so dillusional they can see past their own noses.

    I’m just shocked that they try to promote religious law as civil law so blatantly. What about my religious beliefs?

  13. RHR IN TN says

    She just threatened to attack us. Whatever weapons she intends to use, her intention is to fuel the fire of an all-out war against gay people. Since she claims to be following God’s word, and the Holy Bible calls for our deaths by stoning, it is logical to follow her line of thinking and deduce that she plans on fighting to the death. I am being intentionally over the top, here, but they like to use the slippery slope argument, why can’t we? From her words and action, it’s not that big of a jump to conclude that her desired end result would be genocide. What would happen if, as a result of her threats, we all filed police reports?

  14. Tom says

    I first became aware of this nutjob on “Hardball” about 4 years ago when she then stated she wished somebody would investigate Congress for their anti-American views. I thought to myself, ah, okkkkaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. This ones not quite right in the head.

  15. RLS says

    “All those Senators on the floor of the Minnesota legislature yesterday, what say you to this? She’s one of your very own.”

    Actually she’s not really one of their very own. Let’s be fair to the people of Minnesota. Michelle Bachmann was elected only by voters in one conservative district of the state, not the entire state. At the very same time the polar opposite liberal Al Franken was elected via a state-wide race, where the entire state got to vote. Bachmann has never won a state-wide race in Minnesota, nor could she ever, she would never win in the Twin Cities Metropolitan area.

  16. JONES says

    Being fair.
    All those Senate objectors on the floor yesterday were district representatives just as Bachmann is. She’s federal, they’re state. She is one of their own.

    I was asking for responses to this screed from those Senators that used religious objections for their argument against equality during the Senate debate. I didn’t make it district specific because any responsible citizen should object to this hate speech, not just those from Minn6th.

    PS Love Al Franken He’s one of my favorite US Senators

  17. Caliban says

    Representative Democracy stopped her from imposing HER religious values onto the whole state, and the country! In case you haven’t been paying attention, that makes HER the *real* victim here, at least according to her.

    I’m reminded of the Betty Bowers T-shirt, “God told me to hate you!”

  18. Jim says

    About a year and a half from now, Michele Bachmann will be voted out of office. She won by only a few thousand votes last time and her 2012 opponent is now running a quiet campaign for 2014. Minnesota has finally changed and now has no place for loons like Bachmann. Her political career is living on borrowed time.

  19. Bill says

    @Little Kiwi: it is also worth pointing out that while we use terms like “Islamist” to refer to crazy Muslims, we call crazy Christians “cult members”or fanatics, not “Christists”. The word usage by design is intended to smear all Muslims. It’s much easier for people to confuse “Islamist” with “Islam” than “cultist” with “Christianity”.

  20. says

    “Thrones, Dominations, Powers, Angels, Archangels, Principalities, Seraphim and Cherubim…..

    I’m sure she can recite all the Nine Choirs of Angels, or the Seven Deadly Sins, or the Ten Commandments or the Six Precepts of the Catholic Church……..
    but Michelle is simply a nut case, besotted with the medievalists…and the consequential inventions which have no scriptural basis.

    But as others have pointed out we need her for 2016; we need her ego to run for nomination; we need society to see that this loose cannon on the deck could never, in the most insane scenario, lead the free world.

    Now Michelle for your next speech let me tell you the Parable of the “Five Wise Virgins who Trimmed their Lamps, and the Five Unwise Virgins who trimmed them not………”

  21. Mary says

    The commenters of Towleroad seem to be divided into two groups. One which thinks that religion itself is dangerous (does any other website contain so many references to “sky fairy?”) And another which thinks religion is good as long as it involves religious people not “judging” (of course judging homophobes is OK) and doing charitable works like helping out in soup kitchens, and doing shopping for the elderly, etc..

    It never occurs to proponents of each of these groups that their bigger argument should be with each other rather than the cultural Right. After all, charitable works are fine in and of themselves and don’t need a religious justification. And if Jesus was the original traveling hippie then he certainly was no “sky fairy” and its insulting to imply that he was. I’d so love to see these two groups of Towleroaders go at it!

    As for Mrs. Bachmann, her words here are not really surprising. And in fairness, she WAS speaking to a religious audience. It’s not like she was at a GLAAD meeting or a PFLAG meeting.

  22. walter says

    hell why is she upset she is gay married . oh wait i guess she feels that maybe marcus will leave her for a man, but more likely she will leave him for a woman

  23. JONES says

    You have a long way to go in your ex-homophobe transition.

    ‘And in fairness, she WAS speaking to a religious audience.’
    Are you trying to imply that ‘religion’ gives Bachmann’s hate speech legitimate cover or somehow makes it any the less harmful?
    Have you any idea how demeaning this type comment is to people who have lived a lifetime hearing this kind of verbal abuse and then suffer the consequences it translates into?
    Beatings, bullying, homelessness, suicide, and even murder.

    Please try to remember that these are our children’s lives she’s talking about.

  24. andrew says

    What do you expect from Bachmann? She actually believes, as many do, that Yahweh, the mythological diety created by the ancient Israelites is the creator of the billion gallaxy universe. Yahweh actually was merely the mythological tribal war god of the ancient Israelites and nothing more. If you read what the bible says about him you can only conclude that he was one of the most cruel, angry, jealous, vindictive and down right evil of the mythological dieties created by primitive men.

  25. mikeflower says

    I hold Obama & his DCCC guilty for every day this woman continues to breathe air on Capitol Hill. They could have defeated her in 2012 but didn’t push hard enough, thanks Barry.

  26. Caliban says

    Mary, and your point is…… what?

    The fact remains that most religions believe in a deity which is somewhere “up there,” watching down and taking notes, occasionally bestowing gifts (much like Santa) on the favored. If that isn’t a Sky Fairy it’ll do until one comes along.

    Even assuming there WAS a “creator” it still requires a HUGE leap of faith that a group of desert dwellers were privvy to God’s intent when they didn’t even know better than to get their water from the same place they dumped their sewage. In fact it’s always seemed odd to me that “God” saw fit to lay down rules about diet, sexuality, farming, and clothing yet never imparted a single bit of useful scientific knowledge about the world He created. Not even “Thy might want to wash thy hands before touching a wound as thou art less likely to die.” Yet that very idea, basic knowledge of infection and bacteria, had to wait until Man invented the microscope. Funny, that.

    However, unlike many atheists I believe that religion CAN be a positive force in the lives of certain individuals. The problem is that it so rarely IS.

  27. andrew says

    @mikeflower: How could Obama have helped the democrat Graves beat Bachmann in that 6th Congressional district in which he himself got fewer than 40% of the vote?

  28. andrew says

    @mikeflower: How could Obama have helped Graves beat Bachmann in the 6th Minn Congressioponal district, a district in which he got fewer than 40% of the vote?

  29. EchtKultig says

    Well said Caliban. The very premise of “faith” is antithetical to the reason that has been the sole source of humanity’s real advancements. Why would a real so-called God have played games with us? Why not just spell out DNA and nuclear fission, even though it wouldn’t have made sense to the parasite burdened, lead-poisoned goat herders who wrote the Bible, thus allowing them to become revealed truths 2000+ years later? That might actually make some people with IQs above 90 believe in the pile of hooey that is Abrahamic religion. Why didn’t this happen? Ohhhh, maybe because there wasn’t a real God after all?

  30. FunMe says

    Female LUNATICS like Michelle Bachman always marry closeted gay guys … since no “normal” straight will ever try to date that crazy woman.

    Good to know that now that her home state has voted for EQUALITY … she is now on the end of her “rope” of trying to force craziness unto others, especially gays.

    Don’t you just love how she is so close to becoming persona non grata? :-)

  31. Christopher says

    Does Michele know there are Churches that support gay marriage? Lutheran, Methodist, Episcopal, UCC…..Why hasn’t she called a spiritual warfare on these churches??
    How do we know Michele Bachman is the “right” kind of Christian? She could be the false prophet? She is twisting the words of Christ for her own glory. She is the spiritual evil in the war she declares!

  32. Christopher says

    Does Michele Bachman realize that the Roman Catholic Church doesn’t consider her marriage valid. According to Catholic doctrine, Michele Bachman is a whore, her husband a whore monger.

  33. GRivera says

    Fools believe in imaginary gods! This world is quite sad when the invisible friend becomes respected. Most people with this trait are put away.


  34. Jerry6 says

    I wonder how many people that voted for her are hiding their heads in disgust that they wasted their vote on such a mentally unbalanced person.

  35. Debbie says

    There actually is spiritual warfare going on in this country and all over the world. Those who do not read the Bible or study it are wrong when they accuse Christians of beating people, Christians have a right to be angry when the Bible is being misquoted or torn down. They can also be upset if they see the country going in an amoral direction. The left constantly is hateful and judgmental and close minded then most Christians and those who do not follow the Bible are more vindictive and vicious in their accusations. Fundamental Christians war is in prayer and being involved in voting and loving others and helping others. Fundamental Muslims or Jihadists actually go to physical war and torture. Stop trying to lie to people about who Christians really are and stop listening to only one side of the issues you are complaining about. Why is it that tolerance applies to everyone but Christians?

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