1. Michael W. says

    Ok, I don’t particularly care for Taylor Swift, but she just made me laugh out loud!

  2. ratbastard says

    I hope young mister Bieber invested his $ wisely. He’s aging out. And I can’t see him having cross over appeal. His brand is too intimately associated with screaming tween girls.

  3. Jim Brown says

    These are more mature thoughts and words by Justin Bieber, and I give him credit for that, but now he just has to start acting like a more mature adult to be taken more seriously. It is really up to him now.

  4. jjose712 says

    ratbastard: wrong, the truth is his last album sell less but get a lot more love from radio (noone of his previous singles got top 10 on radio, but three singles of his last album did).
    The sound is less preteen. I thought he would be done long time ago, but the truth is he is doing the transition quite well.
    Of course, he is doing some crazy things lately so maybe his career will go downhill anyway, but i think he has some chances to make it (and that’s a lot more than most teen stars have)

  5. Acronym Jim says

    I foresee the starring role in a production of “Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat” in Justin’s future.

    Hey, it worked for Donny Osmond for a second.

    And is Taylor Swift 12 years old?

  6. Michael says

    Wow, a few things:

    1) He was booed when he was on stage and rightfully so.

    2) At least Taylor Swift didn’t lip synch. It was amazing, on Facebook, how people were complaining about everyone lip synching but were the first ones to slam anyone for their pitch/tone/etc when they sang live.

    3) Oh, Bieber, you’re so great yet you don’t have the balls to come out the closet already.

    4) Bieber winning so many awards proves what a joke the American music scene is.

  7. Jack M says

    Seriously, none of those nominees have done anything to qualify for an award honoring innovation in music. Really. American music has turned into total crap. @Michael is right.

  8. johnosahon says

    Taylor Swift is ALMOST as bad as he is, so she shouldn’t have an opinion about this matter.

    As we saw yesterday, both of them are HORRIBLE at their “craft”, both can’t sing, can’t dance, and are horrible on stage.

  9. Butch says

    I couldn’t agree more with Michael’s point number 4. If Bieber qualifies as a “musician” I’m done with music.

  10. anna says

    Could someone please explain to me why the rock snobs, hipsters and mainstream public hates young male pop stars so much but are completely ok with young female pop stars who sing exactly the same.

    I personally thought Justin’s performance of “Take You” was great.

    P.S. You couldn’t pay me to listen to Kid Rock so don’t really care about his opinion.

  11. jomicur says

    Bieber is quite right. His music is NOT a gimmick. Gimmicks don’t have staying power, and bubblegum music has been around since the 60s.

    He’s fast approaching the point where he’ll look like he has to shave every day. His fan base will disappear then like, well, like yesterday’s Kool-Aid.

  12. anna says

    The kiss between Bieber and Selena makes them seem more like supportive friends rather than lovers. Why kiss your lover on the cheek?

  13. anna says

    Prerecorded music with voiceover is used by performers when they are dancing. Imagine singing while out for a jog. Justin also does acoustic albums/performances where he sings live.

    Anyway, doesn’t Kid Rock put half naked women in most of his videos. Why is that not considered a gimmick or marketing tool?

  14. Matt26 says

    Justin acts weird on tour and seems a bit mess. He needs a break, if he can take one (as a teenager pop idol). BUT he didn’t select himself to get the award.
    Taylor’s act is distasteful.

  15. Steven says

    It looked like he was holding up his pants? Good gravy. I guess I am getting old, but seeing guys walk down the street with their pants around their ankles is frustrating. I know how Bieber makes his money, but what about other males dragging their jeans, with their boxers exposed?

  16. anon says

    I put more “craft” into my Internet forum comments then JB puts into his music. The music industry is forever trying to turn art into toothpaste that can be rolled off the assembly line and put into a pretty tube.

  17. Dave says

    He honored Jesus Christ by removing his $500 sunglasses. Too bad he didn’t give a shout out the capuchin monkey torn away from its mother’s arms, kept isolated from other monkeys in order to provide temporary amusement and then left abandoned in Germany.

  18. QJ201 says

    “Girl I’m gonna make your body rock”

    LOL how, bring in your friends to show you how it’s done?

  19. Henry Holland says

    As a “rock snob”, I have no respect for Biebs or any of his counterparts like Rihanna, male OR female, because they’re just puppets, pretty faces out their singing songs written & produced almost exclusively by other people, almost all of whom are men.

    Justin Bieber hit the jackpot, he got really lucky that a powerful music biz type saw a YouTube video of his *by accident* and plucked him out of obscurity. Performing arts high schools crank out way more talented people by the hundreds, but they don’t have Usher providing behind-the-scenes contacts and support.

    If he’s serious about being an artist, he needs to disappear for a while, get his personal life in order and figure that the tween girls will abandon him for someone new like the hideous One Direction and proceed from there.

  20. JONES says

    Poor Beeb.
    Asking to be taken seriously for his craft while wearing diaper pants.

    Take another path, Beeb. Before it’s too late.
    Get out of the spotlight for a while. Do serious charity work. Surround yourself with people who think and who will challenge you to as well.

  21. terry says

    awards given by fans are not “won” or awards, Biebs has lost his place on the cover of Tiger Beat. A sure sign it’s over. His money will buy him the syncophants to feed his ego for a few more years when he will then blame others for not recognizing his “talent”.

  22. Pitt90 says

    I’m sorry, I generally try to walk a mile in another’s shoes and all that, but Bieber is a tool … a giant tool …

    That said, I wish him the best in his house painting career in his late 20s …

  23. says

    “I’m an artist. It’s about the craft. I should be taken seriously.”

    OK. Then write longer sentences for your speeches, ones which don’t have pathetic whimpering in them.

  24. Paul R says

    Actually the monkey story was wrong on several fronts. One of his underlings got it for him as a gift (stupid) and Bieber thought that he could just take a monkey into an airport on an international trip (unbearably stupid).

    I hate him and his music, but I do pity child stars. There are about three who have any common sense.

  25. anna says

    Paul R: Also he didn’t “abandon” the monkey but rather left it to be placed with other monkeys as animal welfare experts and PETA advised him would be in the best interests of the monkey. This demonstrates the bias the media has AGAINST bieber – if he’d decided to keep the monkey he’s selfish and not doing what is best for the monkey and if he leaves the monkey he is “abondoning” him.

  26. anna says

    Henry Holland: Rock music is just as manufactured, just for a different demographic.

  27. anna says

    Again, the question why he is singled out because of the genre of music he creates. He’s no worse than the other million pop stars out there, but he is young, pretty and androgynous and I believe that is the real reason behind the hate. Whatever reasons are conjured, the pattern I see is one of straight mainstream culture hating any guy that doesn’t conform. Rock or Hip Hop are macho so are ok. Female pop stars are ok as long as they fulfil straight male fantasy. It’s as simple as that.

  28. anna says

    I also found him quite brave to speak while being booed. I wouldn’t have had the nerve. He’s 19 and quite the awesom person in my opinion. Keep being yourself Justin. There are lots of good people that see who you really are and love you.

  29. mymy says

    I would think Jebus Christ would have more important things to worry about than to help out some twinky pop star win an award…

    and he is looking more like Pink every day.

  30. The Inveterate Lurker says

    I thought his rendition of ‘As Long As You Love Me’ accompanied only by a guitarist when he hosted SNL was pretty darned good.

  31. emjayay says

    That yellow dress with the black leather bondage harness thing….poor girl, what was she thinking? Oh I know, she wasn’t thinking at all, due to lack of capability.

  32. Tom Cardellino says

    Who, in their right mind (or possessing any portion of a mind whatsoever) cares? This article’s video clips contain the only words I need to hear to realize that all I’ve ever missed concerning this “craft” and these “artists” is the last three minutes of my life!

  33. Homer says

    Milestone? Really? This is just another publicity gimmick. Please, if you want your “craft” taken seriously, you need not plead for it. It’s the same thing as respect: it’s earned, not awarded.

  34. Mark says

    I respect Bieber more than Taylor Swift. At least Bieber can sing, (yes he lip synced last night) but when he sings live he can stay on key, which is something Taylor can’t do. He has been shown to be playing instruments since he was a child, but more importantly….

    her bearding and lies just make me sick, it’s a fact she is even more manufactured and fake than he is.