1. john patrick says

    Compared to George Takei’s funny video, Brian Brown’s money plea criticism comes across as petty grousing from a stuck in the mud crank.

  2. says

    Here’s a quote posted on NOM’s facebook page: “The sad thing is 7 of the 13 colonies (and 9 of the 16 states formed from them) have sold out to the deviants.”

    It is not unusual to see gay people called all sorts of names by NOM followers, and apparently that is fine and dandy with Brian Brown.

  3. Art Dahm says

    “…and now they are no longer attempting to hide their loathing and hatred of good people like you and me who simply believe marriage is the unique and special union of husband and wife.”

    No, they don’t “simply believe” it. They want to enshrine their beliefs into law and force other people to live by their beliefs. They can believe whatever they want, they just need to keep their beliefs out of my life and the lives of my family members and friends.

  4. MichaelD1026 says

    Well, aren’t they “sick,bigoted,ignorant, drunken, hypocritical fill-in-the-blank”s? Brown and his ilk use their “Christianity” as a shield to justify their bigotry and ignorance and their hatred of Marriage Equality. Perhaps, by following Christ’s teachings,they would come to understand that the God they worship made me and all LGBTs in his image…and THEIRS!

  5. David in the O.C. says

    “…they are no longer attempting to hide their loathing and hatred of good people like you and me who simply believe marriage is the unique and special union of husband and wife.”

    The problem is, the vast majority of people don’t think there is anything unique and special about these marriages: Rush Limbaugh’s marriage #4, Newt Gingrich’s marriage #3 (2nd adulterous marriage), Kim Kardashian’s 72-day marriage, Gov. Sanford’s adulterous marriage, Donald Trump’s marriage #3, and on and on. I mean, how unique and special can opposite-sex marriage actually be when almost 50% of them end in divorce?

  6. jamal49 says

    Great video. Go George!!

    The irony is that Brian Brown is incapable of seeing that every time he opens his mouth (and his grubby, greedy hand for donations), he only confirms that he and his followers are exactly what Brian Brown claims we are accusing them of being: vile, hateful, insidious, foul, homophobic bigots.

  7. Lymis says

    People used to think there was something “unique and special” about being white, too. Just like this situation, it stops being a “belief” when you institutionalize it and use it to harm the people you don’t think are as special as you are.

    If straight marriage is so self-evidently superior, same-sex marriage will be a fad that fades away when it stops being trendy. If it isn’t unique and special, but simply a reflection of equality and common humanity, it will thrive. You don’t need to “protect” marriage. Let it play out.

    Unless Brian thinks he knows something about bisexuality, the closet, and the inherent attractive allure of same-sex relationships. But that would be projection on his part, not a valid assessment of reality.

  8. Michael says

    May we just rewind to the colonial times for a moment? George Washington hired an openly gay man to train our troops. He even brought over the guy’s lover over here so I really doubt our founding forefathers had this big issue with gay people.

  9. Bob says


    And spend the effort protesting at catholic churches, the more important blockers of equality

  10. billywingartenson says

    One look at that face rings the gaydar bell loud and clear, and I’m str8 but have many gay friends. He kinda looks like George rekers of fix the gays fame who couldn’t even fix himself, except no mustache

    BTW he also claimed to have a doctors degree from a non – existant college.


  11. Caliban says

    Here’s the thing. If Brian Brown and his NOMbies choose to believe that same-sex marriages aren’t equal to heterosexual marriages, that’s actually fine. Just like I don’t think Trump’s, Gingrich’s, Limbaugh’s, or Hugh Hefner’s marital contracts, performed in a church or not) with their latest humps are equal to some of the gay couples of long standing that I know. (In case my meaning is unclear those str8 marriages are lesser.) He’s free to think that, and I in turn don’t give a f*ck what Brian Brown thinks.

    But when Brown and his ilk try and limit LEGAL equality to a group of people, to codify their religious beliefs and biases into law, then that IS bigotry and they deserve the label. As the the punchline to the old joke goes, “If the Foo sh!ts, wear it.”

  12. Sam Adams says

    Yea, Brian? And how did you and people like you portray homosexuals and homosexuality for just as long as you could get away with it, you giant prick?

  13. cypherhalo says

    Yeah, so I am totally donating money to NOM now. Thanks for pointing out how loving and tolerant SSM supporters are, I appreciate it.

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