NOM Fundraises Off George Takei PSA Mocking Anti-Gay Bigots: VIDEO


Last week I posted an amazing new PSA for 'Funny or Die' from George Takei warning of the dangerous individuals who oppose marriage equality. The video, which features Takei, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Brad Goreski.

BrownNOM's Brian Brown is freaking out about the video, telling his flock, "the producers of this video want your friends, family and the rest of society to believe" that you are a "sick, bigoted, ignorant, drunken, hypocritical, fill-in-the-blank."

Shrieks Brown, as he holds out his donation cup:

This video is unbridled hatred and bigotry towards people like you and me who believe in marriage. Some gay marriage activists clearly believe their own propaganda that gay marriage is inevitable, and now they are no longer attempting to hide their loathing and hatred of good people like you and me who simply believe marriage is the unique and special union of husband and wife.

If you are outraged as I am over this video please help counteract its desired effect by taking a stand for marriage by donating $35, $50, $100 or $500 to NOM today to support our efforts to protect marriage and good people like you who believe in marriage....We can't afford to let this kind of overt prejudice and bigotry against good people who believe in marriage become mainstream!

Unfortunately for Brown, according to polls, support for marriage equality is already mainstream.

Watch Takei's video again (and it deserves a second watch), AFTER THE JUMP...