FOX News Has Devoted One Minute of Coverage to Gay Marriage Victories in RI, DE, and MN Combined

Media Matters has posted a report on coverage from the cable news of the recent marriage equality victories in Minnesota, Delaware, and Rhode Island.

The report reveals this nugget: FOX News devoted exactly 16 seconds of coverage over the past couple of weeks to marriage equality in Rhode Island, 44 seconds to marriage equality in Minnesota, and 0 seconds to marriage equality in Delaware.

"According to an Equality Matters analysis, Fox News mentioned the marriage equality victories in Rhode Island, Delaware, and Minnesota a total of three times. CNN and MSNBC made 13 and 35 mentions of the stories, respectively."


  1. Merv says

    I’ve witnessed the resulting ignorance while lurking on These stories get much less discussion on the site than when they were passing anti-gay amendments left and right, but when they do discuss it, invariably one or two people will speak out indignantly about putting it on the ballot and how the pro-gay side always loses when they do. They had never heard of the victories in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington last year. Someone usually corrects them, but it’s still shocking. Also, people will still claim that the anti-gays are the majority in polls, when it hasn’t been the case for two years.

  2. says

    Interesting that Gallup also just announced that Americans grossly overestimate opposition to marriage equality. While most Americans now support marriage equality, Gallup also says a large majority think that most American’s *don’t* support marriage equality. I wonder if there’s some connection here, in that media like Fox shape Americans’ views not only on various matters like marriage but also shape Americans’ views about what Americans’ views are on those matters…. Mike (

  3. HadenoughBS says

    Remember folks, Faux Noise has the highest number of ill-informed and/or misinformed viewers than any other TV news source. Is it any wonder the righties exist in a “stupid bubble”?

  4. says

    well, it just goes back to the election night “oh, i’m not convinced that we lost” nonsense.

    fox news viewers must encounter the shock of their lives every time they leave their homes and the world as presented on their favourite network is shown to not have existed in 50 years.

  5. DW says

    Minor note: it’s Fox, not FOX. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, etc. are in all caps because the letters stand for something. Fox is just a meaningless word they picked as a name.

  6. OMGyall says

    I know, right???

    Bad fox! Mean, nasty fox!!

    Imagine the TEMERITY! Not focusing on GAY MARRIAGE ISSUES, when the fair readers of this fair blog think they just very well should. CLUTCH PEARLS AND STOMP YOUR FOOT, LADIES!!

    I mean really. It’s just SO glacially slow in the news lately, know whahm sayin? ABC is saying that the Biatch who was running the IRS when they were targeting teabaggers is gonna be running Obamacare, but why should that bother anyone, I mean dang it all have y’all seen how she DRESSES? The HORROR.

    And as for that piddlin thing about Benghazi, well, just don’t you get me STARTED, MISSY. I can’t believe it just won’t die down, y’all! I mean come ON. I mean Lord God King..wait sorry y’all PRESIDENT B. HO says, like, SUPER emphatically, there’s nothing to see here, move along…oh wait WHAT?? 4 Americans died and B Ho is STILL hemming and hawing?

    Wait wait HUH?? Politico says DC has turned on B HO?!? STOP IN THE NAME OF LOVE, Y’ALL. The press is all pissy towards B Ho now that Eric Holder and his jack-booted thug henchme…sorry, sorry… caring justice dept folks were, like, totally Richard-Nixoning all up in the Associated Press’ gold teef? Y’all gonna make me cry, I’ve got the VAPORS, YO.

  7. Inis says

    Speaking as a proud Rhode Islander, as far as I’m concerned the less Faux News mentions my state the better because everything they say is a lie.

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