1. Dastius Krazitauc says

    I had not been watching American Idol and only learned of Candice from this website, with the posting of “Love Song”. And now I’ve seen every performance since. My favorite has been “You’ve Changed”, and I was hoping you’d post that clip. I thought this one was over sung.

  2. Sam says

    She’s my favorite this year… but I thought Somewhere was a dreadful performance and arrangement.

    “Lovesong” and “You’ve Changed” were her best so far, IMHO.

  3. Chadd says

    I saw this last night. Great performance.
    Snarky, hyper critical comments from people who have never sung publicly following in 3…2…1…

  4. AJ says

    I loved this performance and almost all of hers. I do agree this is her second best after “Lovesong”. You don’t just take on Barbra.

  5. GMB says

    She’s super talented, no doubt. A few pitch problem moments (her final note was sharp until the tonic chord came in and she corrected it), but there’s no reason why she couldn’t start recording right now. She could have a solid R&B career with a few dancey tracks that the gays like. :)

  6. jjose712 says

    She is simply fantastic. I hope for once, the audience is fair and she wins

  7. AriesMatt says

    By far NOT one of her better performances – pitch problems and a very predictable production. She is my favorite contestant by a long shot and one of the better singers to ever sing on Idol, but this song was seriously lacking. IMHO…LOL!

  8. andrew says

    overall i like her but i did not love this performance…

    very commercial. just what idol likes…

  9. Bobby says

    I like what she did vocally. The last note was a little iffy but I’d rather hear iffy than auto-tuned any day.

  10. says

    She truly is amazing, but so are the other 2. Hell, they should just call it a 3-way tie for this year’s AI, because how do you vote any of them off, they are all sooooooooo good. Actually it should’ve been a 4-way tie, because Amber who was voted off last week is probably the one who has the most potential for BIG DIVA status and the biggest career, once she grows into herself a little more. Kudos to American Idol this year for having the best group of final contestants of any singing show ever. Not an exaggeration! And I love the dynamics of the judges this year more than ever. đŸ˜‰

  11. bandanajack says

    you can not like this performance and not be a troll, or an armchair quarterback. every critique so far is correct. over sung, off pitch, especially the last notes, and i’ll add screechy. she’s a talent no doubt, but she needs a good producer to keep here in check. hundreds of better performances of that song abound.

  12. Randy says

    Actually her rendition had some seriously bum notes, and I felt it also lacked the vocal power that the song deserves, until the very end.

    She is the best singer this year, but this is also without a doubt Idol’s worst year ever.

  13. William says

    Candace is great. Can’t wait for her to put out a cd and then they make some great dance mixes (a mix of Deborah Cox, Tamia, Angie Stone, Adele, etc.)

  14. Rrhain says

    Meh. Yeah, she can sing, but I’m going to have to go with the ones who claim that this was overproduced. And it is. This song is not a great, big, belting number. It’s quiet and small. The lyrics are simple and require a delicate touch. Punching them out so hard robs them of their intensity.

    This is part of the context in which the song originated: Tony and Maria are trying to hide their love from everyone else. While there can be a build at the end, you can’t start that intense and preferably, the very last note needs to be pulled back so that you can show that we aren’t there yet, that place hasn’t been found, there is still trouble around. It is the small voice of hope not the big voice of triumph.

    This was overproduced.

  15. SC David says

    First performance from Idol that I’ve seen this year, I’m pretty much over that show. Her performance was iffy, she’s got talent but too many mistakes. Oversung, overmiked, overproduced. There are a bazillion performances of this song that are more heartfelt and enjoyable. Leonard Bernstein has to be spinning in his grave.

  16. Jim says

    She sings like she’s been singing professionally for thirty years! Great talent

  17. jaragon says

    You have to have real talent to sing that song- it wasn’t perfect but she does have the gift.

  18. Bob says

    Yes, it was overproduced — but they obviously took the Streisand version as a start, not the movie.
    It was a knockout performance, not perfect, but compelling.
    And yes, I have seen Barbra sing this, about 20 years ago. I often cite her performance as “If you could listen to only one song by one person, and never hear singing again, pick this”

  19. Jim says

    Are you kidding me? That stunk – and was the problem with all young vocalists today – they do all these Mariah Carey-esque vocal riffs in place of actual feeling. Not impressed. Girlfriend needs to learn what the song is actually about – but, of course, these days on “Idol,” it’s not about interpreting the song, it’s about vocal orgasms. The worst part was seeing the judges knell over her – they should know better. Alas, they don’t.

  20. shutupf@gs says

    You white queeens are NEVER satisfiedlets give you a mic and see what you sound like…dumb f@gs!

  21. Bob says

    I just listened to it without looking at the video. Her voice and power are great, although I heard a good 5 or more things that practice would probably fix.

    STUPID QUEENS SAYING “DON’T CRITICIZE IT IF YOU CAN’T SING” — art is not to be appreciated only by artists, it is for everyone to enjoy and have his own experience of.

  22. mizzymm says

    Candice oversung this, this song is sung during West Side Story when Tony is shot and dies, there’s some very tender moments in this song, that Candice just oversung. did not like this version. I do think that candice and kree are the right final two, but Ill be voting for Kree.

  23. octopusshotcaller says

    She used a little too much melisma I think. J Hud did this song better. Barbara Streisand sucks ass.

  24. Mary says

    Candice is good..but she received a standing o for a performance that did not deserve one. SOMEWHERE was off and I know the judges knew it, The last note especially was skreetching. The producers wanted a candice and Amber finale and bothe Candice and Amber got all these ovations for poor vocal. Some of the songs were good that Candice sang were really good but to have glitter poured on her was stupid. The standing o should hgave gone to Kree for THIS IS GOODBYE…Harry Connick was very truthful about the judging and the reason many of thre winners do not make it is because they did not have what the judges profess. I hope it will be a surprise win..One the producers did not ewant.