1. Billy says

    this guy is a hero. so awesome. i remember when i came out a bunch of years ago, after a bit my brother asked if there were any gay players. i was like, “i think a soccer guy or europeans or something.” bro: “but no american major leaguers, right?” and i was like, “well, no out ones.” it’s so tremendous. now there is. and my bro actually caught the article before i did.

    whatever team he does get picked up on, i wonder what the gay-straight ratio is going to be for his home games. and away games in the big gay cities. i wouldnt be surprised if we came out (pardon the pun) in large numbers to those games.

  2. Christian says

    Such an incredible role model! The LGBT community couldn’t have dreamed of a better ambassador to the professional sports world.

  3. Larry Gates says

    Great interview. And, I loved the fun banter between Shaq, Charles Barkeley and Jason. It’s like being gay didn’t change their attitudes towards one another. It was a great example of how everyone should go forward with Jason or anyone else who comes out. Bravo, Jason. And, bravo to the interviewers – it was very positive.

  4. Chitown Kev says


    It’s impressive if you hadn’t heard Sir Charles of Barkley say things like that before.

    Sir Charles was an ally of our community even when it wasn’t fashionable.

    That he would say something on this occasion like that doesn’t “impress” me so much because I would expect him to say it.

  5. Francis #1 says

    A great segment all around. Jason is an awesome person and representative of the community. Even if he never plays again, what he’s done for the community by being out and being him is indescribable in words, it really is. So happy for him that he feels happy and free.

  6. Box Out says

    I’d love to see him go to the Warriors, and watch Warriors coach Mark Jackson with that christian shitsmile talking about how he as a “Christian” knows right from wrong, but is praying for Collins and his family. This after Jackson hangs out with drug dealers, and has a year-long affair with a stripper, cheating on his wife of 22 years with whom he founded a “church”.

  7. AriesMatt says

    We couldn’t have asked for a better person/player to be the first to come out. Had no idea who he was prior and not a basketball fan, but totally love and respect this man now (and the entire panel of this interview). Just wow! Major strides!

  8. dw says

    Is it wrong to get choked up watching a fun interview with a bunch of guys laughing and having a good time?

    I guess I just never imagined that kind of interview was possible. Icons of a major sport, supporting a gay player, and obviously treating him like any other guy. Any other guy, that is, who they obviously, like, respect and admire.


  9. moo says

    i would’nt deny Jason Collins isn’t a great guy, but honosexuality is an abomination before God and he need s to repent and be baptized in Jesus name a nd be filled with the holy spirit! its not moral fo a man to be with a man, or a woman to be with a woman.. not judging him but calling out the sin..its a embarassment! he isnt a hero!

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