1. Mike Ryan says

    “The Daily Beast today fired Howard Kurtz after he published an irresponsible and false column about Jason Collins…” and they did the right thing. Now ESPN needs to fire Chris Broussard for his hate speech directed at Jason Collins. Nail his sorry can to the floor and march Broussard out the door. Do it today.

  2. Gerry says

    He’ll go work for Fox News now…

    So the narrative now is “How dare gay people get engaged to straight people even though we’ve been calling them abnormal and deviants for years and have been trying to keep that closet door locked.” It’s so bizarre…

  3. DW says

    Kurtz is a putz, but firing him seems a little extreme. Many other journalists have done stupid things, even plagiarized (Fareed Zakaria, for example) and have been rebuked but not fired.

    Isn’t this just going to come across as PC silencing of people whose opinions we don’t like? It’s certainly not going to change any minds — it will only harden the opposition.

  4. Donny with a "D" says

    Kurtz’s problems don’t just stem from his Jason Collins column mistake. There was more to the firing of Kurtz. Before this, he has been regularly contributing to, and heavily promoting, a lesser-known media website called ” Daily Download” and there are some very sketchy irregularities to his involvement with them.

  5. Jay says

    DW – I’m not sure I agree with that assessment. He “reported” known falsehoods. Either he didn’t read the entire Collins article (which means he is a terrible reporter and didn’t take the time to do his research) OR he opted to get his “facts” from other sources than the article in question (which means he didn’t just cherry-pick his observations but he cherry-picked his facts from incorrect information).

    Either way, if your goal is to have a reliable news and opinion website…this guy did a TERRIBLE job of commenting on the news and regardless of the circumstances of the story (this could be a run of the mill dog-bites-man story), deserves to be fired because he sucks. In addition, you can make a supposition about motivations and other things in an opinion piece, but when the Collins article clearly states he was engaged and this jackwagon said he lied… it opens the Daily Beast and Newsweek up to a liable suit.

    Kurtz said: “…we began to move in different directions…”

    Isn’t that telling? That’s coded speak for: The Daily Beast wanted to rely more on integrity and Kurtz wants to become the biggest name at the National Enquirer.

  6. Geoff says

    Dear DW, Mr Kurtz lied…repeatedly. That’s not just doing a “stupid” thing. It’s willful, premeditated evil. Fire his ass! Buh-bye. FOX will be slobbering to have him, anyway.

  7. will says

    “Reliable Sources” will no doubt “cover” the story this weekend of how the media covered Jason Collins — and Howard will conveniently exclude his own unreliable story for his CNN show.

  8. Lars says

    Wow, justice was swift. Good thing. His column was completely irresponsible…I’d even say malicious. Good riddance, clown.

    Next time when you are trying to build a case, perhaps try marshaling evidence in your defense that is actually factual. Rather than, you know, just making sh*t up.

  9. millerbeach says

    Anyone care for a side of “libel”? I sure hope Collins has a good lawyer on speed-dial. He should be able to sue this guy into the dirt in civil court.

  10. says

    It’s getting really desperate when you have to lie about something completely inconsequential (who cares that Collins was once engaged to a woman?) to generate a blog post.

    I’d say Kurtz should just chill out until he develops a sense of proportion, but I suspect it’s way too late.

  11. jamal49 says

    DW, just for the record, Howard Kurtz is not a journalist. He’s a CNN personality with a TV show. He wasn’t fired for “expressing an opinion we don’t agree with”. Read the damned article. He was fired because he posted information that was flagrantly untrue about Jason Collins–information that 6-year old could have researched on the internet. Your “PC” b.s. reeks of FOX. Change the channel.

  12. Ray says

    The article was the final straw but not the real cause.

    Apparently, Kurtz’s sloppy reporting came about in part because he has been moonlighting for another blog he’s started and there has been tension at the Daily Beast over his divided attentions for some time.

    The mistakes made in the Collins article gave Brown what she needed to give Kurtz the Hev-Ho!

    I am with the person who said next Broussard get the push.

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