1. John B. says

    James Dale is a wonderful and noble part of the gay community. I appreciate his bravery and applaud his continued efforts.

    Branded: Gay Role Model

  2. James in Toronto says

    “private club”?

    So were “golf clubs”, “country clubs”, “some colleges”…

    The ACLU is persistent, and has really good, dedicated, lawyers.

  3. LCR Jay says


    Kiwi is so angry, bitter and disgruntle. That anger has to come from somewhere. You get on here and (in between posting under other peoples user names in a pitiful attempt to mock them) laughably rant and condescend about how “out” you supposedly are and how “proud” your family supposedly is, but obviously there’s more to the story than you let on because none of what you claim is enough to keep that chip off your shoulder. Maybe YOU wish that your mother had had an abortion; clearly you’re unhappy. Well adjusted people don’t act like you do.

    Whatever man. Truth be told, I really don’t care what your issues are. That’s between you, the voices in your head and the succession of psychiatrists who haven’t been able to help you.

    In the meantime, my position stands: the BSA is a private club, and therefore shouldn’t be told what to do, or pressured to conform, by outsiders who have nothing to do with the organization. And any gay scouts/scout leaders should have known what they were getting themselves into BEFORE agreeing to it. That’s like someone going into a business and protesting the wallpaper or carpet. Go somewhere else.

  4. says

    and well adjusted gay men don’t anonymously defend prejudice and bigotry.

    you, of course, have to. if you didn’t, you get the hose again 😉

    speaking of “go somewhere else” – the GOP doesn’t want you. i mean, sure, they’ll happily take your vote. just remember: they hate your guts.

    we libs don’t have that problem :-)

    *elegant curtsy*

  5. says

    well, that’s the thing, Mateo – a lot of gay people are born into bigoted right-leaning families.

    those with spines rise above it, and against it.

    those without spines, regurgitate the pathetic right-wing talking points.

    note LCR Jay essentially saying “don’t become a part of a club that doesn’t want you”

    Oh, the irony of plebeian gay republicans 😀

  6. Gary says

    ANDY: Someone gets bashed and reality hits “Towleroad.” Are you going to spray comments with Lysol? This is democracy not a dinner party of like minded guests. History and archieve will be better served by honesty – the good and the bad. If this is your “hobby” get a Facebook page. If you are trying to create a real forum, don’t cave in when life suddenly becomes real. You complain about comments but I find the site becoming more like a Teen tease magazine full of straight boys, or a faux National Geographic. It’s great that states are going for marriage — but gay people are getting bashed. Be stronger in your response.

  7. says

    go to and you will be banned and blocked for posting any information that proves those wimps’ GOP-suck up stances wrong.

    for real.

    good honest debate only comes when the debating parties can be held accountable. one name per IP address. it’ll reduce a dozen trolls down to one. he can still comment. he’ll just have to do it with one solitary avatar.

  8. DW says

    LCR Jay: as for your absurd statement that “any gay scouts/scout leaders should have known what they were getting themselves into BEFORE agreeing to it.” When I was seven I didn’t even know the word gay. Am I to blame for not gracefully declining to join the Cub Scouts, lest I pollute them with my “sexual immorality”?

    It is not “outsiders who have nothing to do with the organization” who are protesting. It is people who grew up in Scouting and have been as dedicated as anyone else, before being rejected and expelled for being honest about a fact about themselves that they probably discovered only after years as Scouts.

    The protestors are not asking government to force the BSA to change. They are appealing to decency and common sense to urge the leadership to change voluntarily. That’s called free speech. However, if this “private club” wants to stick to its retrograde policy, it can damn well stop using public facilities.

  9. CS9 says

    @DW Maybe a 7 year old cub scout doesn’t know he’s gay, but at 20 he probably does and by then also undoubtedly knows the scout stance on the matter. If he chooses to open his mouth & make a fuss of it and is expelled then it’s his own fault. Honesty isn’t always free! In the words of JR Ewing “never pass up a good opportunity to shut up!”

  10. Mary says

    I’m glad the Scouts have changed their policy. This “half way” measure is a step in the right direction. When I was anti-gay in my politics I used to hear from my own side that the problem with letting gay men be scoutmasters is that they would be tempted by the young boys. It wasn’t that I thought most gay men would molest boys – that was never my view of gay men. It’s that normally we don’t put adults in a position where they are in charge of young people they may be sexually attracted to due to weakenesses in human nature. In this way gays are just like everyone else. For the same reason that I wouldn’t think it appropriate for a straight man to take a group of young girls camping without an adult woman accompanying him.

    However, people here are pointing out that with the knowledge that a scoutmaster may be gay, and with the general knowledge that kids today have about gay people (i.e. that they exist) that makes it LESS likely that a gay man would be able to molest a boy. He would know that his actions will be watched more carefully now because his sexuality is known. And today children are taught about sexual molestation and not to let adults touch them inappopriately.

    I see now why, if anything, kids may even be SAFER from molestation with a gay scoutmaster. And this last argument is not one I’d heard before. But it is persuasive.

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