1. Adam says

    Ellen uses her show to promote the careers of homophobes. She has had a number of homophobes on her show. She’s a creepy lesbian who promotes the careers of homophobes.

  2. UFFDA says

    Troll. Troll. Who is this Adam? Like an infestation. He’s either a parody of a creep or a creep himself.

    Welcome to the circling crocodiles.

  3. Adam says

    Ellen De Generes = creepy lesbian woman who has homophobes and their enablers on her show. Even a hairy tarantula from the Amazon is not as creepy as her.

    You`re a genuine “c”, Ellen.

  4. Tom Cardellino says

    Key-riced Almighty! It is so damned distracting that movie stars like Chris Pine abound these days making it very hard (as in “difficult” as well) to get on with one’s day without being slobber-mouth stupefied! Has it always been this longingly painful to be a movie fan?

  5. Marc says

    My god, he’s adorable. I love how this interview really brought the sweetness of him. Kudos, Ellen!

    And “Pine Nuts”….. hahahahahaha!

  6. woodroad34d says

    On Graham Norton’s show he told a story about how he went to visit Zachary Quinto in London and as he turned down the street to Zachary’s building he noticed a gay pride parade or something like that going past and some of the parade people noticed him and some started screaming and running towards him. Chris said he start running to Zachary’s apartment with all these gay men “right behind me”….the visual of a gay man right behind him….I think I black out a bit.

  7. Bobby says

    Ellen is incredible. She’s done more for the gay community than you plebeians will ever dream of doing.

    Chris Pine is delicious and a really good actor. I can’t wait to see the new Star Trek movie. He and Zach Quinto are both amazing to watch.

    Haters, please leave.

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