1. says

    openly gay people tend to not force themselves onto straight guys. that’s the domain of the paranoid closeted guy who wonders if anyone else is harboring his same secret.

    there are already gays in scouts. duh.

    having an openly gay member won’t mean that guy will suddenly come on to non-gay members.

    because we openly gay people have this sorta tendency to be attracted to, you know, confident empowered people who’ve made the same great mental leap from the Closet that we did.

    so, no.

  2. Bill says

    I bet all of the kids they showed in the video were actors reciting their lines. You’d think you were hearing from the crew of the H.M.S. Pinafore while Sir Joseph Porter was on board.

  3. disgusted american says

    ahhh dude- u aint all that chubby..mmmmmkayyyyyy. ..and you might want to talk to the BSA about thier decades cover-up of Mollestations…

  4. Mike in the tundra says

    “we openly gay people have this sorta tendency to be attracted to, you know, confident empowered people who’ve made the same great mental leap from the Closet that we did.”

    I like that.

  5. Matt26 says

    These people are just delusional. Maybe everyone except the very few agreeing with them should leave the scout org. and stop supporting them in any way (incl. financially).

  6. Esther Blodgett says

    I was a scout. I hated it, but my parents made me go for 4 years. That said, people seem to forget that boys in their early teens are a disgusting lot and no amount of scouting is going to change that.

    Don’t go all cleaner-than-thou about boys 12-16. Anyone who has forgotten that the little dears are in reality, little pimple-popping, dirty-mouthed slobs. One friend said that all he learned in scouts was “tying knots and jerking off”. That about sums it up.

  7. Mike Ryan says

    The best thing that can happen to the Boy Scouts is the loss of all funding. Take away their money and you won’t have a Boy Scouts organization.

  8. says

    What is this crap about “the last days” ?
    Why are all the nut cases obsessed by millennialism… they were a few years ago, 2000, and as people were at the time of the First Millennium ?

    And where does this tit get his doom laden commentary on modern life.
    He sounds just like another angry old dude who is disappointed in his life.
    And in an ‘aside’ this idiot says the repeal of DADT is a problem for the Military…..and just leaves that assertion hanging in mid air !!!!
    Do they just make this $hit up as they go along ?
    Do they toss out their loathing of us and our sexual love because they find it yuckie and then dress up their physical revulsion with some moral/biblical gloss ?

    And then these bankrupt hollow men talk about a loss of integrity ?
    They don’t have an ounce of self reflection.
    If they did they would see their Dorian Gray putrid corruption, their rejection of basic equality and their denial of human love.

  9. Sean McLaughlin says

    The new moniker for the gay lesbian bisexual transgender adds “Q”–questioning, to the mix. Great. Add to homosexual emotional baggage the idea that these young gays are “questioning”–experimenting in other words. Also, it isn’t appropriate to have mixed sexes–boys and girls, on overnighters and in group scout camp showers together because they are sexually attracted to each other–gay=same sex attraction. So how is it right to either–build special group showers for gays to shower together, OR have gay boys shower with heterosexual boys? You have sexual attraction in a situation you wouldn’t put girls and boys who are sexually atracted together in. Or overnight camping, or many other intimate situations where one WANTS one’s boy to JUST be with other boys, not girls, not gays, etc.
    To gloss over or trivialize these issues is at best reckless, at worse, outright wrong.

  10. says

    Sean McLaughlin, like all right-wing trolling hacks, is a complete f***ing idiot.

    I was a scout. I was also, drumroll please, once a CHILD. yeah. stunning concept, i know.

    i hung with friends. i went to sleepovers. i still hang out with my straight male friends. we’ve gone camping. we’ve showered after the gym. we hit the beach together. share rooms when traveling.

    it’s no biggie.

    who’s freaking out? well, anonymous cowards like Sean over here.

    why? i have no idea. ten bucks says you couldnt’ get laid if you fell c0ck-first towards that Gaping Hole of Mammoo that passes for your mother’s vagina.

    anyway, there are already gay kids in the scouts program. there are also gay men in every single gym in every single part of the world that HAS gyms.

    so, get over it. ya idiot.

  11. jaragon says

    I think these people are still insisting on demonizing homosexuals as some sort of dirty Satan spawned creature that will attack anything. For Christians these people have extremely perverted fantasy life

  12. Lars says

    @Tom, I’m reasonably confident these people would quickly answer that with a simple “Yes.” For them it’s straight missionary all the way.

  13. Lars says

    And since the sexual act is purely about reproduction and not pleasure, all women should be encouraged to have their clitoris removed. Of course.

  14. JoelD says

    As I remember it, from about age 9 – 11 it was not stop circle jerks and orientation had nothing to do with it–it was just fun. Now, first bj at age 11 (69 w the son of a rather famous lawyer) well that might have been about orientation 😉 But I always tidy up after so I just don’t get this clean thing…

  15. Bernie says

    this is so pathetic that anyone with half a brain would ever think or speak aloud this stupidity……yes, the word clean in Scouts is specifically talking about the dirty mind of gay people…..just writing this out makes me laugh

  16. millerbeach says

    This is sad and sick on so many levels. Wow, I wonder if they have any idea how much they are further harming the already damaged image of the Boy Scouts…I guess you can’t reason if all you do is hate.

  17. Jerry6 says

    Based upon the vitriol these Religious people spew, I really feel empowered that as a member of the group of Homosexual Men that is estimated to be less than 10% of the population, has the power to bring down Civilization, as we know it, just because we are now being allowed to Marry each other. WOW!

  18. DC Arnold says

    These sex obsessed nutbags will the first ones cradled to the bosom of Satan for bearing false witness and not leaving their neighbors alone.

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