1. PAUL B. says

    I thank Brendon & Esera for their honesty & integrity. They’re both heroes as far as I’m concerned…right up there with Jason Collins.

  2. UFFDA says

    Esera Tuolo’s book Alone in the Trenches is a fine one, and the story of he and Mitchel, his partner at the time, includes one of the most baffling and remarkable stories of pre-cognition I have ever read.

  3. Bob says

    I just thought it was nice to see a US talk show where there are not shouting. Good to know there American cousins who don’t equate volume with qualitative argument. Good lord, they even said “no you go ahead”. There is hope :-)

  4. HOCKEYJOCK says

    I second UFFDA, Alone in the Trenches is great!!!

    And BY THE WAY…I had the honor of hearing Esera Tuaolo speak and sing at my university, AND meeting him at my gym in Minnesota! Gorgeous man, mentally and physically!!!

  5. Tom Cardellino says

    Thankful that, in this clip of Bob Schieffer’s iconic Face the Nation, that there was no need for the “false equivalency” that so often pits a raging homophobe against a brave LGBT hero; now, I’ll be searching the web for the remainder of the show that Mr. Schieffer alluded to at the close of the segment. Hopefully, there were no CBS sensation-seeking producers who brought in the likes of NOM’s Brian Brown, AFC’s Bryan Fischer or the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins. We shall see.

  6. Tom Cardellino says

    Really happy (even though still fighting back tears of joy) to recommend the full broadcast of Face the Nation and express my gratitude to one of the USA’s last senior authentic journalists, Bob Schieffer, for presenting such a well-balanced and thorough discussion of Jason Collins’ historic bravery:

    Those tears of mine, by the way, have been a lifelong dilemma as a self-styled stoic guy. More and more, however, as I approach my 60’s, I’m way more inclined to just let them flow while I try to smile at the same time! I invite you all to practice it because it’s authentic and it feels good. Why struggle uselessly with maintaining a façade?

  7. XoMoDe says

    Brendon has too small a head to be so big headed. His ego is out of control and he has obviously latched onto this in order to feel self-righteous about the sound of his own voice.

  8. Caliban says

    @Tom Cardellino, you’re right, it was quite nice to see a discussion of gay rights without some wingnut being given “equal time,” which always boils down to religion. Could it possibly be that we’re FINALLY beyond that?

    No respectable news organization would invite a Neo-Nazi or avowed racist to give an “alternate” viewpoint on rights for ethnic or religious minorities, so why is it still acceptable to have some homophobic religious obsessive comment on gay rights?

  9. Mike says

    Oh, “XoMoDe” you ARE here. I thought that I saw your tricycle outside. “Begone you totally insignificant excuse for a human being. Begone!” There is NOTHING AT ALL wrong with Brendon Ayanbadejo!!!

  10. Dback says

    Uffada and Hockeyjock are right–the story of Esera and his boyfriend Mitchell’s meeting is one of the most jaw-dropping things I’ve ever read. Definitely check it out. (Is Tuaolo single or partnered now?)