Esera Tuaolo and Brendon Ayanbadejo Discuss Gay Pro Athletes on ‘Face the Nation': VIDEO


Gay former NFL player Esera Tuaolo and NFL free agent and LGBT ally Brendon Ayanbadejo joined Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation this morning to talk about Jason Collins' coming out and what it means for the future of LGBT people and pro sports.

Said Tuaolo:

"What kept me from playing to my full potential is what people need to realize. When you're in the closet and you're living with this crippling secret, you're living with depression, you're living with suicidal tendencies, you're living with blackouts, you're living with stress. That's what I played with, and it was very difficult to play to the best of my ability, to the fullest of my potential when you're carrying all of that with you. What Jason did was absolutely amazing. And I can relate with him when he said when he came out he felt complete. He felt whole."