1. woodroad34d says

    Jack McFarland gets a daughter instead of a son. Or is that a son in drag? And Rosie O’Donnel becomes Linda Lavin. Could be cute or extremely grating.

  2. Pete N SFO says

    I’ll watch it, for sure… Sean Hayes is developing quite the successful run for himself.

    I’m surprised he has time to get in front of a camera.

  3. Michael Buchanan says

    I LOVE Linda Lavin and Sean Hayes. Let’s hope this doesn’t t go the way of Conrad Bloom. Remember Conrad Bloom? Of course you don’t.

  4. Michael says

    Hmm..I will check it out. I like Sean Hayes a lot. Haven’t seen Linda Lavin in years but when she walked through the door her mannerisms immediately reminded me of Eileen Brennan.

  5. David in the O.C. says

    It’s great to see Linda Lavin back on TV. But those previews aren’t funny at all. It’s just another generic sitcom, but with a gay man as the lead character.

  6. Eric Payne says

    This has the look of a “3-camera, filmed before a live studio audience” sitcom.

    But all the audible laughter is from a laugh track; nothing in either the trailer or the clips even made me giggle (except the snipping of Lavin’s “you found that beautiful man… who dumped you” line in the NBC official trailer, though the rest of the exchange with is included).

    Six episodes. Tops.

  7. Ken says

    I only hope they show some gay PDA like they did in The New Normal and like they don’t in Modern Family. Otherwise how is this different than 70+ years of the funny homosexual?

  8. jamal49 says

    Hmmm. I work on 3rd shift and sleep during prime time. As usual, don’t think I’ll be missing a thing. I’ll stick with I Love Lucy reruns in the morning when I get home from work.

  9. Mike Ryan says

    You know I’m going to watch. Good writing but Sean is incredibly funny, a great comedian with amazing delivery. Let’s hope this one sticks and he finds a great boyfriend that leads to engagement then marriage. The boss is a great find. Could it be that Sean Hayes is out to give Ryan Murphy a run for his money? Lavin is a good choice and they work well together. Hayes has many of the great Lucy qualities. Good consistently funny writing will make it a big hit.

  10. Rick says

    Why do the first words out of his mouth in the trailer have to be classic feminist, anti-male garbage? (i.e. “Screw boys”)

    Why can’t gay men (and gay male characters) ever be just regular guys? One of the great mysteries of my life……..

  11. says

    why can’t gay men who complain that other gay men can’t be “regular guys” ever put a face to their comments and show what a “regular guy” they are? 😉

    show looks cute, hope the writing is sharp. i adore Hayes. he’s mad adorable, and has terrific comic timing.

    i know some people want a show featuring gay people “like them”, but i don’t think there’s much interest in a television series about closeted grown-adults who sit and type hateful diatribes anonymous online.

    maybe i’ll write it. The Troll Chronicles. it’ll be cheap to produce – no actors needed. just screen captures from computers.

    anyway, cheers for Linda Lavin!

  12. UFFDA says

    What I meant is that every anonymous post I made under my various screen names proves KIWI right. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m obsessed with him.

  13. Clay says

    as long as they stick to Sean’s character’s interaction with his mom and co-workers, it could be funny…just limit the screen time of the kid

  14. Paul R says

    I have trouble getting excited about this because Sean Hayes is easily the most obnoxious celebrity I’ve ever met. He also made an absolute ass of himself in front of a very crowded SF restaurant, acting like he didn’t want attention while doing everything he could to attract as much as possible.

  15. Victor says


    They tried a “regular guy” show called “Normal, Ohio” with John Goodman playing the main gay character. The premise sounded good, but the writing was awful. Not funny at all. It was cancelled after a few episodes.

    Not sure if Sean Hayes was the best casting for this role. The dad has to be played as a button-down kind of guy, since the running gag will be that he is forced to deal with the antics of his teen daughter and his crazy mom. Hayes doesn’t really play this type of character. To put it another way, this is a Will Truman role and they cast Jack.

  16. says

    uh, no. but if that makes you feel less crazy for having your own coterie of sockpuppets, keep it up 😀

    did anyone see that Three Stooges film? not bad, and Hayes was bloody darn fantastic in it.

  17. redebbm says

    The boss reminds me of John Hodgeman, i hope they replace him with John Hodgeman. That would be a good bookend for sean hayes. I feel like I’ll be holding it up to Will & Grace. It took that show a few episodes for the characters to find their thing, and hopefully it’ll be the same thing here.

  18. Robert in SF says

    I think they have already written the pilot with the same mean spirited – “why are these people even friends?” kind of jokes. I mean, I think people want to see a show with people who genuinely like each other, and it shows in their witty, wink and a smile after they say it banter…perhaps with a frenemy thrown in or an actual nemesis who can take the brunt of the cutting, really mean it insults.
    But this constant harping on each other, always saying it seriously but never reacted to it seriously kind of dialogue is just…demoralizing to me. I don’t enjoy it no matter how smart or crisp the writing.

    Just sayin’ that the occasional kidding back and forth with in-character reactions of rolling eyes and swats on the butt that we sometimes saw on Noah’s Arc is more enjoyable and rewatchable than this kind of humor.

  19. andrew says

    Except for news shows, Sit-Coms are a about the only TV that I watch. This one looks like it might be pretty funny. Linda Lavin will be a great asset to the show.

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