1. Francis #1 says

    Brave, brave souls. Progress is being made even in these incredibly backwards countries for the simple fact we see the LGBT communities in these countries coming out, being seen, being heard and getting attention and not being ignored. That’s always the first step, even though it’s tragically a painful one (as seen in Russia).

    Happy to see the pride march go on in Ukraine!

  2. Dan Cobb says

    Russia is, always has been and always will be a primitive, boorish nation. Always. For ever. It is so etched in the nature of Russia’s people.

  3. UFFDA says

    After this year any person who has marched in an attempted gay parade in Russia, Georgia and the Ukraine is automatically qualified to lead any gay event in the Western world. The former Soviet Union is a window on a nightmare.

  4. Ninong says

    The OMOH is in Cyrillic, so it’s OMON in the Latin alphabet. In America that would be equal to SWAT.

    Ukraine doesn’t have a law against so-called “promotion of homosexual propaganda to children” like St. Petersburg and like Putin is about to get passed in the Duma for all of Russia. Putin is kissing up to the Russian Orthodox church, which is rabidly homophobic.

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