Homophobic Former Rep. Allen West (R-FL) Joins FOX News

Former Rep. Allen West (R-FL), who has compared homosexuality to choosing an ice cream flavor, has said anti-gay workplace discrimination doesn't exist, opposed DADT repeal, and fired an intern for retweeting a pro-gay tweet, has joined FOX News as a contributor:

WestIn making the announcement, Shine said, “Representative West’s congressional and military experience along with his fearless approach to voicing key issues will provide a valuable point of view to the FOX News lineup.”

Currently, West is the Director of Next Generation TV Programming with PJ Media. Prior to that, West served as a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives for Florida, representing the state’s 22nd congressional district, from January 2011 to January 2013. While a member of Congress, he served on the Armed Services and Small Business Committees. Additionally, West was a member of the Tea Party Caucus.


  1. jctsf says

    Another one-term wonder, much like Ms. Palin before him, repurposed for the Cro-Magnon viewers of Faux News. Who will be next to join … Ben Quayle?

  2. bandanajack says

    that move was so predictable, someone, i can’t remember who, actually said, blogged whatever, that his next job would be at fox. props to the appropriate talking head.

  3. hugo says

    Roger Aisles is putting together a retirement home for failed lunatics. He’s on a quest to create an environment where he himself feels comparatively sane. West is going to be a prized jester at the court of King Roger.

  4. HadenoughBS says

    Allen West is an outstanding addition to the Faux Noise “foolish-and-bigoted” lineup of talking dunder heads. It’s truly a marriage made in extremist right wing heaven.

  5. Tarc says

    It makes perfect sense that a network of fictional programming would hire a deadbrain anti-reality talking head. He’d fit right into the propaganda machine.

  6. says

    I hope they save a spot for Michelle Bachmann! She and Allen could co-host a show called Crazy on Crazy. FOX, that place called heaven for failed right-wingnuts.

  7. MichaelD1026 says

    Well, he’ll improve their credibility, won’t he? Roger Ailes’ nickname: Oopsie!

  8. MikeKV says

    “…has said anti-gay workplace discrimination doesn’t exist…”

    “…and fired an intern for retweeting a pro-gay tweet…”

    MMMmmmm!! *slurp slurp* Sweet, delicious, creamy irony! *slurp slurp*

  9. Craig says

    PERFECT! NOW I will never hear from him because he has joined the lunatic channel which is NEVER viewed in our house.

  10. Tom says

    The perfect fit. He is soooo far off the deep end, a trait that Fake News carries as well.

  11. Jack M says

    Great. Now he has another venue in which to spew his ignorant poison. I look forward to his downfall.

  12. marc says

    Hold up!
    He doesn’t believe in anti-gay workplace discrimination but fired someone for retweeting a gay-positive tweet?


  13. KennyCassidy says

    Well , it won’t do anyone harm to have another clown in that loony bin , will it ?

    Who’s next ? Michelle ? Perhaps a segment of fine orgasmic praying like the one she did days ago ? I see potential in that , and if the comic books are right , one day she might just gather enough energy from her cultists to transform into …. something ?

  14. Steve says

    St. Lucie County ,Florida here. WE’RE THE ONES THAT SENT HIM PACKING!. Your Welcome (Oh the Joy I have in saying that).Your turn Minnesota.