1. jjose712 says

    Adam: It’s not that difficult, everybody wants what they don’t have.
    I remember the time when every women sport curly hair.

    Anyway, Candice is one of the best singers ever on idol. She totally deserved to win.
    I hope they treat her well, and give her good songs

  2. Pete N SFO says

    I remember when J Hud (whom I love, btw) was on AI. After several years of success, she is now much more refined as a performer. And Candace is waaay ahead of where Jennifer was then.

    I can hardly wait to see where she goes.

  3. John Conolley says

    I don’t know either one of them, but it wasn’t hard to tell which one was the pro.

  4. Rob West says

    Wonderful moment, one of the best set of Idol contestants. Candice deserved the win.

  5. Mike8787 says

    And Jennifer Hudson lost to Fantasia Barino. Goes to show what American Idol voters know.

  6. ann hrrison says

    Adam, I don’t understand why white women want to have thicker lips and deep tans

  7. ann hrrison says

    And Adam, I remember when white women had flat butts but now they are getting implants and why do some many white people love rap music want to dress, walk, talk like black people. We can have this conversation all day.

  8. Mike Ryan says

    Sorry but I never thought Jennifer Hudson was a great singer, good but certainly not in the realm of a Houston or Cole. As for Candace, she is just a par below Hudson. American Idol has not produced a really stand out blow-your-socks off singer. Underwood and Clarkson have been able to sustain careers but again just barely and neither voice comes near a Streisand or Aretha. Ruben, Fantasia, Taylor, Jordin, Cook and Allen – all past winners of which none of us remembers. Hudson never won and neither did Aiken and these two are known only because they kept themselves in the headlines, not because of their ‘distinquished’ vocal chops. Jennifer Hudson’s biggest song to date was from the movie Dream Girls (And I Am Telling You…” but even that song was sung far better by the original broadway artist, Jennifer Holiday. Now THAT woman has an amazing voice and talent. We’ve seen little talent come out of American Idol just a few mediocre good voices.

  9. Nelson_in_SJ says

    Yeah, in the end doesn’t matter if you win idol or not to become a big star (Daughtry, JHud, Adam Lambert), but hopefully it does in Candice’s case. She deserves it. The finale would have been much more epic if it was Candice vs. Angie Miller (much as I love Kree-dom).

    On a side note:
    My drunk friend actually called me just as i was starting to watch Idol (from my dvr) and the first thing he said was “Candice won.” lol. can you imagine? This was the first season I watched Idol from beginning to end.

  10. Merv says

    JHud seemed really determined to outsing Candice Glover. By the end it seemed more like a duel than a duet.

  11. Dastius Krazitauc says

    I became a Candace fan because of this website. Her singing has volume, but it also has sophistication, taste and musicality. I´ve never been a fan of Jennifer Hudson, who I think just has volume. She sings everything like she is one of the X-Men, sending out sonic blasts to knock aircraft from the sky.

    And I don´t think Hudson looks healthy with that much weight loss. I hope Candace doesn´t go that route.

  12. Keppler says

    I’m trying to imagine what a “thrilling moment” on American Idol might look like. Nope…coming up short.

  13. bambinoitaliano says

    So a 7th place contestant from season 3 out sang the winner of season 12th. Yeah, I’ll say it’s time to pack it in.

  14. bambinoitaliano says

    So a 7th place contestant from season 3 out sang the winner of season 12th. Yeah, I’ll say it’s time to pack it in.

  15. GMB says

    These women are STUNNING, gorgeously talented singers. I can only hope that Candice’s career matches Jennifer’s — because her musicality is truly stunning. As someone else noted, she understands phrasing and dynamics in a way that’s beyond her years, and she deserves to have a very long and robust career!

  16. Chip says

    Umm…one of these women sings very very well. And it isn’t Hudson. At least not in this clip. She should sue the producers for making her belt so far out of her range. Yikes, it hurts.

    Candice demonstrates an understanding of nuance that makes me excited to hear her sing again. Jennifer’s loudness is exciting at first, but wears out its welcome fast.

    To be fair though, I’m basing this criticism on just this performance, so maybe I’m wrong.

  17. says

    Candice is IT! The real deal. I love how people who don’t even watch the show love to bash American Idol as if they are experts on it. But there’s no bashing this season. It has been the best ever! The talent of the final 5 girls has been way beyond the collective talent they’ve had over any of the other seasons. All of them have massive potential to be huge stars (well, maybe Janelle would just be a ‘big’ star). People should also take into consideration when judging these stand alone clips they see posted of an Idol performance that these girls (the final 5) had to learn 3 sometimes 4 new songs a week on top of being complete newbies to being on massive stages with large audiences while incorporating choreography, dealing with full on orchestras or choirs on stage with them for their first time, the intense pressure they are under, and being worked to death with everything they have to do all week long before performing these numbers for the first time. That being said, imagine how great they’ll sound once their performing their own music in their own concerts with a show they know like the back of their hand. These women killed it this season, and for those of us who actually watched the whole thing, it was thrilling! They all deserve all the success in the world.

  18. Frank says

    I can’t understand why some of the most ignorant people on Earth come to this site and post hateful and uneducated comments. This is 2013. Get a grip.

  19. tinkerbelle says

    I’m afraid to ask this question (considering the number of non-fans of JH posting here), but is she getting better and better? I didn’t like Ms Hudson when she first started making news, but after her turn on SMASH where I thought here singing was just great, and this AI performance (I don’t think she’s trying to take down Candice at all, she’s just doing her thing), I think she’s headed for real diva status. Now if only she was a better actor. It will be interesting to see where Candice goes, not sure if she’s got the “it” factor or not, but what do I know?

    What is all that hand-waving stuff about from the “judges” (those are air-quotes)? Makes them look like bobble-head figurines in the back window of a pick-up truck. Or is Mariah just showing off her firm and toned underarm slingy stuff?

  20. Rick says

    How can anybody take this “competition” seriously any more since they rigged it so as to ensure that no male singer would win it this year?

  21. MateoM says

    Hey Rick, remember Ruben Studdard, Taylor Hicks, David Cook and Kris Allen? Somehow they all won AI.

    If you’re going to troll, at least put some effort into it.

  22. Derrick from Philly says

    LOL @”I don’t think they have white women hair. They have Indian women hair.”

    LOL, Bless your heart, Kevin. LOL. I’m glad I brought my flask with me to work today.

  23. mike128 says

    Wow. What is wrong with people here? Like her music or not (and it’s not particularly my thing), how can you deny that her voice is *incredible*?

  24. Thurts says

    If you can’t sing like Candice and Jennifer Hudson, please never say that your are an R&B/Soul singer. These ladies are the epitome of soul singing. Chills all over right now!!!

  25. Brion says

    I like how Icky Minge sits there and wishes she could sing. Or had talent. Or anything.

  26. ACS says

    It’s surprising how some posts here indicate that these 2 are mediocre or don’t have talent. How about you guys try and see if you can hold a high note like that? Also, I don’t think people are comparing these 2 ladies to divas like Streisand, Aretha, etc. But you cannot deny that they have talent. Oh, and JHud won an Oscar and Grammy too. How many mediocre singers have done that?

  27. anonimo says

    I just don’t feel it from Candice. there’s just something missing to me. But hopefully she’ll get that later. But definitely not feeling her right now, even after seeing her on Leno.

    Jennifer I can listen to forever.

  28. J Isbell says

    Hard to believe–some of these comments–stupid beyond reason. Hudson “does not look good with that much weight loss”. WHAT? She is still not skinny–it is bad to get your weight under control. And they “hope Candace does not go the same way” DOUBLE WHAT? You want her to stay heavy? Are you nuts? And someone said Hudson is not a great singer—that one take the cake