1. Francis #1 says

    Awesome allies. There’s a lot of progress needed but Ben and Ryan started the conversation of homosexuality in hip-hop and that’s the first step towards creating change.

  2. AriesMatt says

    Ryan Lewis is SO adorable! Just want to eat him up.

    Not that crazy about their music style, but love their message and demeanor. They both seem like really nice guys. Nice to have them spreading our message.

    Wondering if either of them is gay. Anyone know?

  3. Caliban says

    Ben Haggerty (Macklemore) is engaged to be married so I’m assuming he’s straight. I don’t know what Ryan Lewis’s sexuality is.

    Same Love was my introduction to them, here on Towleroad. Since then I’ve really gained an appreciation for their other work. And you’ve gotta love Stephen Colbert, one of the most gay-friendly hosts out there even though it’s through the fun-house mirror of him being a “conservative pundit.”

  4. Jon says

    Stuffy is a mean misanthrope with nothing good to say about anything. He’s banned from commenting on other gay websites because he’s so obnoxious and offensive.

  5. jjose712 says

    Everybody; You seem to not be aware of what’s succesful in music right now.
    Macklemore and Ryan Lewis has three singles in the billboard top 100, Can’t hold us wich is number 2 right now, Thrift shop wich was number one for several weeks, and Same love wich is top 100 even when it was not pushed to mainstream charts yet.

    Rap used to be very homophobic, but Macklemore is more of an alternative rapper. And in hip hop communities things are changing fast

  6. mary says

    It’s true. They appear to be an indie group that’s making it big now. They’ve had one of their songs go platinum last year and are all over the Billboard charts & itunes sales now.

    I don’t think the singer is gay. He sings about thinking he must be gay because he was artistic & had a gay uncle. The lyrics:

    “When I was in the third grade I thought that I was gay
    ‘Cause I could draw, my uncle was, and I kept my room straight
    I told my mom tears rushing down my face
    She’s like “Ben you’ve loved girls since before pre-k tripping, ”
    Yeah, I guess she had a point, didn’t she?
    Bunch of stereotypes all in my head.”

    But the female singer, Mary Lambert is an out lesbian.

  7. Fenrox says

    @Stuffy, Jazz has always and will always be anti-semetic.

    Country is anti-man.

    Gregorian chants are hella racist.

    Lol, your world is really interesting but crazy boring, isn’t it?

  8. says

    @ Caliban :
    “Same Love” was my introduction to them also.
    Now I see they are playing in the O 2 Centre Dublin on 15th Sept.
    The world is changing; we are gaining more allies every day; I am so very happy to see all this.
    The Eighties and Nineties seem like the Dark Ages now; and my beloved Rhode Island is approving our same sex marriages today.
    ‘Oh brave new world…..’

    As Macklemore and Lewis state;
    “No Freedom, ’til we’re equal ! Damn right I support it.”
    the fact that he is Irish makes me parochially proud !

  9. Jersey says

    I’m loving everyone on that stage. They seem like great peeps. That song and thrift shop kick it! Mary Lambert huh, I’ll be keeping an eye out for future stuff from her.

  10. princely54 says

    ‘Human rights for everyone/ there is NO difference!’ An important message and I am GLAD they are giving this message to the hip hop fans around the world. Who knows, maybe it will get to some of the people who NEED to hear the message. Sometimes its a matter of hearing something said out loud to get something started. And that’s all we can really ask of the song: to get something started.

  11. Francis #1 says

    I think the fact Macklemore IS an independent, less mainstream, more “youthful” hip-hop artist means his music and the messages behind his songs (not just Same Love but in general) resonates more with a different crowd than traditional hip-hop artists. The real confirmation of progress in the hip-hop game, for me, will come when a mainstream artist that’s not independent and has a more traditional hip-hop style, is gay and makes it big.

  12. Caliban says

    @GCS, I’ve read some of the “criticism” of Macklemore and it’s basically just whining, “Wah! He’s famous when it ought to be me and/or another artist I prefer!” Isn’t it *just* as racist to claim that an artist who is out there busting his @ss is only succeeding due to “white privilege” instead of the work he’s putting into it?

    And while “If I was gay I’d think hip-hop hates me” might be a generalization that overlooks a small contingent of gay or gay friendly artists, until recently many of the biggest, most famous hip-hop acts were openly misogynist and homophobic. Even recently Snoop (Dog) Lion said that he didn’t think hip-hop was ready to embrace an openly gay rapper.

    I think if anything contributes to Macklemore’s cross-over appeal it isn’t that he’s white but that the music is quite different, more mellow in a way, than much traditional hip-hop. His songs like Love Song, Otherside, Same Love, and Starting Over are more melodic than the hard-driven rap that tends to make the charts. Certainly that’s what appeals to me about it. Though there have been rap songs I’ve liked in the past I experience much of it as an aural assault, perhaps because I’m outside hip-hop’s target audience due to both my age and sexuality.

  13. says

    I love their entire album. I saw them on Ellen and was sold. I hate rap music. I love these guys. Who cares if Ryan is gay?? That’s part of the message. Their very first CD went Gold, on their own, and I own a copy.

  14. GCS says

    Caliban: Good job completely ignoring the article that I posted. Also, yes, I am gonna be that guy, but your privilege is showing if you don’t see how easily white rappers are accepted into the mainstream. You are denying the reality of white privilege.

    There is an entire group of queer black rappers and they NEVER broke into the mainstream until from Frank Ocean, who continues to be the only one.

  15. GCS says

    “There is an entire group of queer black rappers and they NEVER broke into the mainstream until from Frank Ocean, who continues to be the only one.”

    Should read “until Frank Ocean”.

    Macklemore is riding on his white privilege all the way to the bank and has never once formally promoted and backed an LGBT black rapper, all the while he continues to demonize hip hop culture as a complete outsider (because he is white), saying how much it needs to “change” and never really bringing any change at all and instead maintaining the status quo of rich white people benefiting from others.

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