1. LincolnLounger says

    Since the IRS acknowledges and apologized, I think we can safely move beyond “allegedly” targeted.

    Not a fan of most of those loonies, but Susan Collins was right. This is absolutely chilling.

  2. anon says

    Reforming the corporate tax code would help, along with the regulation of non-profits and charities, many of which are fraudulent. Donor lists are not a free speech issue according to the Supreme Court either. The main source of problems, though is the issuing of govt. grant money to non-profits and charities, which can easily become politicized.

  3. jpeckjr says

    Although I agree this particular behavior is seriously troubling, the IRS must investigate tax-exempt organizations to determine if they meet the qualifications to be tax-exempt. Those qualifications are set my Congress in Section 501 of the tax code. Section 501 needs reform, but because its provision apply to religious organizations among many others, no one wants to touch it.

    It is relatively easy to incorporate under state law as a nonprofit corporation, one that issues no stock and has no investors to whom dividends are distributed.

    Federal tax exemption is a separate designation. The IRS is responsible for determining whether or not the organization is fraudulently using tax-exempt income to enrich individuals or to support partisan political campaigns, among other restrictions.

    Lots of folks on this website would applaud if the IRS launched a similar investigation of religious organizations that oppose marriage equality.

  4. Bob R says

    This abuse of power by the IRS has gone on for decades. It was most egregious under Richard Nixon, who maintained an extensive enemies list and used the IRS and other government agencies to investigate, harass and intimidate political opposition and dissent. Bush did it too, as we’ve seen. The IRS is not known nor noted for fairness. It also pursues the common taxpayer with much more gusto than it does the wealthy. The justification being the average taxpayer is much more frightened of the IRS and an audit than the wealthy, who can afford a plethora of tax lawyers and accountants.

    Right now the Republicans are desperate to find any excuse, any scandal or wrong doing either real or imagined to impeach Obama. They will also follow the same course in an attempt to severely damage Hillary Clinton before 2016. It’s all politics, all dirty, but the GOP is much better at it and has much greater resources than the Democrats.

    The AP scandal will also fizzle, since the Patriot Act allows the government to monitor whomever they choose without prior authorization or warrants. When Bush got the Patriot Act passed and Obama renewed and expanded its parameters, we surrendered many of our freedoms, liberty and much of our privacy for a little perceived “security”. As Franklin observed, we will eventually find ourselves with neither liberty or security. As the conservative pundits would say, if the AP did nothing wrong, they have nothing to fear.

  5. TeeHeeHee says

    OH my GOODNESS! Politico’s #1 headline:”Obama LOSES DC”. The Washington Post says the IRS stalled applications of conservative groups for more than a YEAR until the election was over. ESCANDOLO! The Chicago Tribune (hey…isn’t Chicago, home of the most corrupt politicians like, EVER, the home of Barack Hussein Obama?!?) even has a headline, “Benghazi, IRS: Son of Watergate?”…CLUTCH PEARLS!!
    Is there ANYTHING that this prez WON’T DO?? Hey wait just a minute. He said he was gonna be transparent, that all his administration’s dealings were going to be public and TRANSPARENT.

    Gosh. Wonder what’s goin on with that?!? Oh I get it, he must have meant that his administration’s dealings would EVENTUALLY become transparent, like, be exposed for all the world to see. Right? I mean golly that’s the only way to explain all this…right? Like, I’m SURE he must have meant that instead of being upfront and honest with the American people right outta the gate like he promised (I mean for REALZ, y’all he’s Barack Obama, the anointed fo-shizzle real deal, yo!!!) he FOR REAL meant that it would all come to light, like when you accidently turn over a rock and all these ICKY GROSS things come slithering out. Right?

    Sure is quiet here in the comment section. Hey I know what let’s do! Let’s blame Bush or say something to distract from the real issue: That this weak-ass excuse for a president was installed in the office by handlers who just can’t seem to overcome his incompetence! Sweet, that sounds like fun…

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