Man Arrested for Bomb Threat Directed at Activist, Gay Rights Demonstration in Puerto Rico

SerranoA man has been arrested in Puerto Rico for a bomb threat directed at LGBT rights activist Pedro Julio Serrano and an upcoming LGBT rights demonstration, the AP reports:

Special Agent Moises Quniones says the suspect was taken into custody at home in San Juan on a cyberbullying charge. Joseph Morales Serrano is accused of using the micro-blogging site to post a threatening message directed at activist Pedro Julio Serrano ahead of gay rights demonstration. The two men aren't related.

The message in Spanish said "watch out during the demonstration, it can end like in Boston," an apparent reference to the April 15 Boston Marathon bombing.

The suspect is to appear before a judge today and faces up to five years behind bars.


  1. ratbastard says

    Sad. The crime rate in PR is getting really bad. PR is beautiful and most PR people are decent. Too bad there’s so much violence especially in and around San Juan.

  2. StevyD says

    Many of the crazies, including far too many of the religious right have been taught that acceptance of gays, equal rights for gays, and same sex marriage, would bring God’s wrath down upon us. Now that they find that little of the wrath is reaching down upon the earth, other than the usual wars, famine, species/habitat destruction, etc., these crazies have decided that their tired little God is too busy to take care of business alone and needs their help through bombings, murder and hate speech. God help us?

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