1. says

    I wish these singers would just sing their songs and stop with all the razzle dazzle. Remember when Lady Gaga was hit on the head with a stage prop? If she focused her concert on singing and not on costumes and props and background sets, she wouldn’t have gotten injured. Miguel decides to jump over audience members from one platform to another instead of just standing still and letting his music speak for itself.

  2. Bollux says

    She had it coming for being at the Billboard Music Awards and showing enthusiasm for the likes of Miguel.

  3. Macguffin54 says

    Professionals go on with the show even when something bad happens to them. Douchebags-types go on with their show without even looking in the direction of the person they could have just snapped the neck of or giving a concussion to (this observation just based on the short clip above. He may have been more concerned right after this clip ends.) A professional could have kept on singing but given some attention to the poor woman/girl. Ah, but then we wouldn’t have this funny clip to laugh over.

  4. Caliban says

    You CAN’T stop the show if you’re lip-synching, it gives away any pretense that you’re actually “singing” if you suddenly stop and your voice doesn’t. Believe me, I’m not applauding him for any dedication to his “craft,” just pointing out the practical reasons for why he had to keep going.

  5. mike85 says

    Not only is the woman on the left’s head slammed onto the stage, the girl on the right gets a kick straight on the head too. Wow.

  6. says

    Literally seconds after it happened, it had been made into a gif which was circulating around Tumblr. When I saw it, it had already been liked over a thousand times.

  7. grego says

    Ouch! That woman needs a good chiropractor.. and a good attorney. Calling Gloria Allred? Rev. Sharpton?

  8. Andy says

    If performers wuold stop jumping around like frantic maniacs, yelling and screaming like escapees from the looney bin and just sing and perform – assinine crap like this would not happen.

    First of this stupid production style of having people stand around like it is a mosh pit is so tired and dated. Most of the music is not even rock n’ roll – it is all rap and hip hop anyway.

    I hope this girls don’t have permanent spinal damage. Ouch. Go get a lawyer ladies.

  9. Mark says

    @Caliban & Adam

    He wasnt lip syncing though….. It’s quite clear

    Yes almost everyone ELSE did but he was one of the few live performances