Minnesota House to Vote Today on Marriage Equality

Minnesota's House is set to debate and vote TODAY on marriage equality.

MinnesotaThe House is scheduled to be in session at 12 pm (1 pm ET) and will be considering HF1054 (Clark) Marriage between two persons provided for, and exemptions based in religious association provided for.

You can watch LIVE here. And the Star Tribune will be running a livestream as well.

Read our latest updates on the bill HERE and HERE.

For those of you in Minnesota, Minnesotans United has some info on their Facebook page letting you know how you can be part of the historic vote.

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  1. Kevin says

    Brian,they said they weren’t going to bring the bill to the floor unless they had the votes,so I’m hoping they have all the votes.
    No Republicans are on board,so there has to be at least 68 Democrats who will say yes.

  2. nn says

    It will be interesting, I think they have the votes (I hope they have it). I am far more uncertain about illinois. It does not looks so good there??!

  3. Francis #1 says

    Yeah, it’s not happening in Illinois barring something unforeseen. Which is a bummer because although winning in Minnesota is/would be awesome news, Illinois would be really game changing given how big a state it is. Unfortunately having Democrats in total control of the state apparently won’t be enough. Goes to show we should be extremely happy for the progresses being made but there’s still definite work to do.

    Let’s go Minnesota!

  4. says

    I’m not an Illinois insider but it hardly seems like passing marriage can’t happen before the end of May, especially with the added pressure if Minnesota passes equality. Looks like they’re within arm twisting range, which means it’s not time to settle for defeat.

    Meanwhile, MN has exceeded expectations, boldly moving forward on the heels of the amendment vote.

  5. Francis #1 says

    I read that in Illinois they’re around 6-8 votes short. Realistically, it’s going to be tough to win in that state, but we’ll see what happens and I remain hopeful.

    But today the focus is on Minnesota. What a turn-around from an amendment banning equality on the ballot in November, to potentially having marriage equality by August 1st.

  6. Patric says

    I agree, Ernie.

    From the article I linked to above:

    “The bill to allow same-sex couples to marry needs 60 votes to the pass the Illinois House. Its sponsor says his roll call of supporters has reached the high 50s.”

    Take it with a grain of salt if you wish, given that the statement is coming from someone who clearly has a horse in the race, but I definitely agree that, especially with the momentum provided by Minnesota leading the non-coastal states on this issue, it’s too early to write an obituary for Illinois.

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