Minnesota Marriage Equality Vote Could Come as Early As Next Week

The AP reports that momentum is happening in Minnesota toward marriage equality and bills pending there could see some action soon:

MinnesotaLawmakers could vote as early as next week on the bill to make same-sex marriage legal in Minnesota on Aug. 1, though votes have not yet been scheduled in either the House or Senate. While supporters appear to have the needed votes nailed down in the Senate, the House is less certain. A group of about a dozen rural House Democrats have been reluctant to commit, hailing from districts where voters strongly backed last fall's failed constitutional gay marriage ban.

The report comes as supporters pick up a key House vote from a Democratic representative in a conservative district. No House Republicans have said they would vote yes on the measure though at least one Senate Republican, Branden Petersen, has said he will.


  1. Adam says

    I would love to see Michelle Bachman’s head explode if/when marriage equality passes in Minnesota.

  2. Clayton says

    @ Adam — Besides that, if lawmakers signal their acceptance of gays, Marcus Bachman’s conversion therapy practice could take quite a hit.

  3. Francis #1 says

    I read that the supporters gained one yes, and the opponent gained one no vote and another likely no vote because their districts are anti-gay.

    I had read Joe Radinovic was a likely yes, basically because he supports marriage equality, regardless of what his district believes. Good on Joe for doing the right thing and not compromising his integrity.

    Things don’t look great in Minnesota. Republican support is needed. We can’t afford to lose those two conservative Democrats. We can’t afford to lose any other. May as well put the pressure on now and see what happens.

  4. Kevin says

    I do think gay marriage will come to MN but I sadly don’t think it will be this year. The gay marriage ban was narrowly defeated last year..the votes for marriage equality simply aren’t there IMO.
    Hope I’m proven wrong but if no Republicans support it,it’s DOA.

  5. says

    I feel like marriage equality advocates jumped the gun with this. Just because a constitutional ban was voted down doesn’t mean the state is ready for marriage equality. I’d just hate for this to blow up in our face.

  6. Kevin says

    Derrick,I feel the same way. The ban was narrowly defeated.
    I get wanting to bring it to MN but I felt they moved this too quickly and I sadly feel all this will result in is Democrats losing their seats next year..and our chances to bring marriage equality to MN along with it for a few more years.
    It shouldn’t be that way but it is.

  7. Stefan says

    It was indeed a very contested issue in terms of deciding whether or not to move on the issue this year, but ultimately we decided to because we were prepared to and the momentum was still so strong. I know a lot of information on this that many don’t know and let me tell you we are MUCH closer then it seems publicly.

  8. John K. says

    There’s absolutely no reason not to push for it. If it fails, you come back again next year and do it again, and again, and again until it passes. This is not an issue that turns legislatures over anymore, at least not against us.

  9. Jeff says

    Will Target and Best Buy again donate money to help opponents of same sex marriage in MN? I doubt they will donate to help the cause.

  10. Javier says

    According to the Pioneer Press, there were 17 undecided rural Reps from antigay districts. Seven of them indicated they will vote yes or are leaning yes. They need 12 of them to vote yes for it to pass. The Senate votes look to be secure already. So the House is where we need to call, convince, focus.

  11. walter says

    that as sure as hell cut down on marcus bachmann sham therapy won’t that be a shame

  12. Gerry says

    The big event is what SCOTUS does in June… hopefully they will do the right thing and put an end to this ridiculous fight about basic rights.