1. AriesMatt says

    That was a great news segment. Nothing flashy or controversial. Just real.

  2. Chadd says

    I am not a Catholic (or a Christian) yet their leaders feel entitled to comment on my life and pass judgement. I would like to point out that life long sexual celibacy as taught by the Catholics (but rarely practiced) is a VERY unnatural choice that goes against all of creation. There are far more homosexual creatures in nature than their are celibate creatures. So, who exactly is the one practicing a perverted version of nature, Father?

  3. Francis #1 says

    Awesome family. But it’s pathetic anything like this is even news. We’re still in the stage where we have to defend our existences and livelihoods and it’s not OK.

  4. AdamK says

    Why the hell was the Catholic Hate Group even involved in this “news story”? What the hell does their dumbass theology have to do with this nice family?

  5. Steve says

    The typical fake “balance” that passes for journalism in the US. Just pretend that everything has two sides that are equally valid. It’s really disgusting.

  6. Mike Ryan says

    WHAT are those huge hoops in that one woman’s ears? It is NOT appealing.

    OTOH, they are just an everyday normal family altho I think they should let the dog out of its cage.

  7. Jack M says

    All you have to do is listen to the children. They are kids, living normal lives.

  8. Delonjo says

    Gays are “starting” families?! OMG! I understand that this report is intended for the fly-over, buy-bull-thumping non-thinkers of square states but I couldn’t get past that opening salvo.

    BTW: Gays have been raising families since…gays have never stopped raising families.

  9. Steve says

    The reason they brought up the Catholics, (besides the prominence of Catholicism in St. Louis) is that it’s a Fox Station. They have to have someone who disapproves so it appears there is controversy and the station is unbiased. But Fox used to the Catholic priest to spew the hate that the station could not say.
    Saying the church is loving the sinner and hating the sin is just another form of hate, because they define the sin. And a priesthood who is supposed to be celibate but has how many “friends” (I’m not saying him specifically) has no moral ground to say anything.
    A better discussion would have been with the principal of the school the daughter left and why she was not protected, because that is a legitimate controversy that kids of gay parents have to deal with. That shows the impact of raising kids in a gay household. Not the fake catholic hate the sin garbage that did not show any connection to the family involved.

  10. scollingsworth says

    I’m reminded of Gay Pride Days at Ohio State when I was in collge. We’d advertise “LIVE GAY ACTS ON THE OVAL!!!!” and then sit around the oval eating sandwiches, playing frisbee, drinking soda.

  11. Ryan says

    Why on earth was it necessary to bring the church in on this? Why couldn’t the segment have been just about the family?

    And if the church was brought in to act as the ‘this is immoral’ point of view, why couldn’t the newscast find some expert on childhood psychology to say ‘every study on earth has demonstrated LGBT couples are just as good at raising kids as straight couples.”

    The two parents and the kids come off looking great, but the news show comes off looking like a bunch of dinosaurs stuck in the 1950s… who are unable to hide the fact that these kids are normal and well adjusted.

  12. Tom Cardellino says

    Let’s face it. All too many Americans are as socially illiterate as they are just plain illiterate. They rely upon these far flung “news” agencies to tell them about that confounding world beyond their homes’ walls. Then, these far flung “news” agencies use demographics to pitch their broadcasts to the widest audience possible, not with the intent of informing them, but simply to keep their eyeballs on the idiot box’s screen long enough to get to the commercials about hybrid corn seeds, Jesus camp meetings and used car sellers that “talk their language!” These simpletons, too, are Americans although they probably think the Bill of Rights is a government fine for making illegal right turns on red lights.

  13. vjeffers says


    Hey, I haven’t seen you for 20 years. Good to run into you!