1. GregV says

    I applaud his taking a stand, but one thing he’s wrong about is that no 6-year-old has a clue about sexuality.
    Maybe I was a little precocious and more self-reflective than a lot of kids but, like many gay adults I know, I knew at age 6 that I wanted to marry a man when I grew up. I also knew that I had to keep this a secret because at that age it seemed to me (judging from other people’s sexist vocabulary and actions) as if I was the only person in this (seemingly ignorant) world who understood the concept.

  2. Francis #1 says

    Good for Mr. Moser. This is what having honor and integrity is all about. It’s very powerful, too, given he is a farmer from the middle of Tennessee. Goes to show good people exist everywhere.

    The majority of adults in the Scouts agree with the anti-gay ban. The organization has totally lost it’s way as the Mormons, Catholics and Evangelical extremists have taken more and more control of the organization. They’re only going to continue to become more obsolete as they continue their discrimination.

  3. says

    well, re: the 6 year old thing, he’s PARTLY right….

    just as straight 6 year olds don’t “understand the sexuality” of their own orientations as “sexuality” – it aint SEXual yet.

    i understood that when i watched The Goonies i reallllllllyyyyy like to look at Josh Brolin. Didn’t understand what “that meant”, however.

    but still, this is rather wonderful. and yes, you can’t proclaim trustworthiness and honesty and integrity while promoting an ideology that forces people to lie in order to appear trustworthy.

  4. Sparky says

    OK, I guess, but I find it all a bit weird. The Boy Scouts have never had a pro-gay position. As a Scout leader for 50 years, surely he knew that all along. (And as for the argument about six-year-olds: six-year-olds aren’t allowed to be Boy Scouts.)

  5. bandanajack says

    i was a scout 50 years ago, and the scouts weren’t anti ANYTHING, and the scouts themselves came in all sizes and shapes. scouting was the refuge for all the non-cool people, containing an entirely different scale from that which prevailed in schools. it was, mostly, a meritocracy, in which the heroes were the hard workers and the team players, and the skills of all were appreciated, even the ones who wanted to put on makeup (warpaints of course) and dance around half clothed (indian lore, oy).

    gay kids GRAVITATED to scouting, because it was a safe place, and bullying and name calling were not permitted.

  6. Unruly says

    6 year olds are Cub Scouts which is still part of the same organization and the path to being a Boy Scout so he is correct about when kids start in the program.

  7. Jerry6 says

    Mr. Moser tells the story as he knew it in Clarksville, but on Long Island, NY where I was a scout in the 1930’s, our Scoutmaster was a known Homosexual, and I was in the “Queer” Patrol. But, then, we were not sponsored by a Church, but by a local Bank. As far as the strait Scouts were concerned, grabbing one of us when we went on weekend camping trips, and taking our pants and underwear off, gave them great fun, while we loved the attention. When we got our clothes back on, we all just went on doing what we were doing before the mutual fun fest started.

  8. EJC says

    Let us hope there are more Mr. Moser in the Mid West and in the rest of this country. It is time that the Boy Scouts ended their relationship with religious organizations. Lord Baden Powell, the founder of the Boy Scouts in Great Briton welcome all into their ranks, even in those days of segregation Blacks were welcomed. Haven’t we learned enough at this point in all our lives to understand it is time to move forward>