1. RONTEX says

    Whoa, that’s just amazing. I didn’t know Orca’s interacted in that way with Humans, much like Dolphins. Is this a learned behavior?

  2. mike128 says

    very cool. im glad we got to see this video – though sadly someone missed out on the actual experience by having a camera in front of his/her face the whole time.

  3. Sean in Dallas says

    Looks like a mother & juvenile having the most fun up closest to the boat.

    Incredible how fast they can swim–and maintain their speed!

  4. says

    I would have been terrified that one of the orcas might get too close under the boat motor and be injured. But it looks like both humans and orcas had a good time here.

  5. Anony6 says

    Am I the only one who thinks this video is frightening. The Orca behavior and footage is spectacular, but too close for comfort. I mean, Orcas are bonafide predators.

  6. Betocreativo says

    @Strepsi from what I learned in biology some eras ago killer whales or orcas are not whales nor porpoises. They are more related to dolphins and in fact are classified as oceanic dolphins. Killer video btw! (no pun intended)

  7. Sean in Dallas says

    Yeah, they’re predators, but they’re more CURIOUS about us than hungry for us. We don’t have enough fat or meat on us compared to marine mammals or the fish they hunt.

  8. Chlorogoth says


    Yes, because the camera was able to work it’s metaphysical powers and maliciously transport him away from the boat just in time to miss the Orcas! How awful he missed it!

    Oh, he still had the experience and has proof and entertaining video because of the camera? Never mind.

  9. Craig says

    @mike128 – apparently you don’t know about modern cameras. They have a screen instead of a viewfinder so you really don’t have to put the camera up to your face anymore.

  10. AriesMatt says

    Imaging if the engine had stalled out right as the killer whales were closest… Yikes. Very beautiful. Would have loved to have been there experiencing that. Just wow.

  11. dumbnhung says

    Wondering what would have happened if they’d turned the motor off and just let the boat come to a stop. Maybe they’d have been able to snuggle and kiss the little cuties on top of their heads. That’d be fun!

  12. Jonster says

    I’ve seen Sea Lions down in Cabo chasing the fishing boats. They get right up on the rear shelf and “arf” for fish. But I’ve NEVER seen a Killer Whale perform like this. They are amazing. Does anyone remember the gentoo penguin who escaped from the killer whales? “Lucky Gentoo” on Youtube.

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