Westboro Baptist Church’s Fred Phelps Jr. Blames Oklahoma Tornado on Gay NBA Player Jason Collins


Who's the first gay-hating wingnut out of the gate after the Oklahoma tornado?

It's Fred Phelps Jr., who tweeted:

"OK Thunder's Durant flips God by praising fag Collins.  God smashes OK. You do the math."



  1. mvecera says

    I know that I will never understand this logic. Can some maniac please explain how Oklahoma, that has the strictest of marriage/cu bans, gets punished for gay-anything.

  2. UFFDA says

    What math? All this sick hick has is a negativity of zeros. The greatest mathemetician in Fred’s lifetime was Alan Turing, a “fag.” Phelp’s own computer runs on fag power.

  3. says

    And his schooling/education is what ?
    And his skills are what ?
    And he speaks for god because ?
    Other than shooting his mouth off at every opportunity, what is this low-life good for ?
    What is his contribution to society ?
    Or does he just collect Welfare ?

    These people need immediate investigation by the IRS…….as does any organization claiming tax exemption or special treatment.
    Who pays his Cell Phone Bills ?
    Who pays his domestic bills ?
    If he is claiming to be working for “a church” these are legitimate questions.
    In fact has the Westboro Crowd ever published an annual return to show exactly where the money has come from ?
    If it came from god then he should give his name and address.

  4. Tim S says

    if God had anything to do with it, which she didn’t, the disaster would have something to do with Oklahoma, like both senators constantly voting against disaster relief.

  5. jjose712 says

    I know they don’t use logic, but it’s even remotely Jason collins related to Oklahoma?

    This is as stupid as blaming Carrie Underwood, Blown away is about a tornado in oklahoma (the fact that a country star sings about tornados in Oklahoma is probably because there are usually a good bunch of tornados in Oklahoma).

    Anyway, my thoughts for the victims and their families, they are what matter in a case like this (but of course WBC doesn’t care at all about the victims, only spreading their hate)

  6. HadenoughBS says

    When is God going to smash the WBC building – one of this nation’s greatest symbols of pure, unadulterated hatred of the GLBT community? Does homophobia have a more devout disciple than the idiotic Fred Phelps??

  7. Onnyjay says

    So Freddie thinks God actually works the weather? C’mon, that’s staff-assistant work at best, most likely delegated to an intern. Get real, quit giving that nut-job ink, he’s more out of it than the hydrocarbon-sniffing broads at Delphi, and makes about as much sense.

  8. John in Houston says

    Does he keep a list of recent people who have come out at the ready for the next natural disaster, so when something happens he whips out his list and scratches off a name? That really seems like that’s what’s happening.

  9. Caliban says

    Do you think if I asked nicely Jason Collins would arrange for nice weather for the BBQ I have planned in a few weeks? I mean since he apparently commands the weather and all….

    Yes the WBC is a nest of seething @ssholes, but I still maintain they inadvertently help our cause. They are so repellant that even died-in-the-wool homophobes read stuff like this and think “Oh, give it a break!”

  10. Tre says

    Thanks Fred Jr.
    Twitter, Facebook, Google, Bill Gates and Mac ALL support Gay Marriage and Gay Equality causes. Everytime you Tweet, FB or even simply use a computer, you are supporting people who support Gay Rights.

  11. says

    I had a power outage last night – I blame the homosexuals!

    I didn’t have enough milk for my coffee this morning. The gays are responsible for this!

    My morning newspaper was all wet! This is all because of those godless f****ts!

    Wow! Blaming all the bad things in my life on gay people is fun! Thanks for showing me this, Mr. Phelps!

  12. gregorybrown says

    I wonder sometimes if the Phelps Gang, CoupleDozenMoms and the rest of their chort ever get tired of and bored with what they say. Do they listen to bird songs at twilight, enjoy the sound of rain on the roof, watch enormous moon rises? hey are such pathetic people.

  13. PE says

    Isn’t it illogical for someone who is college educated and has a law degree to say these things.
    Is it possible that he is doing this as a devil’s advocate (I am not sure if this is the right American term} , to show the obvious bigotry of anti-gay sentiments ?

  14. Rob says

    Andy, why do you cover this crap? Westboro thrives on publicity. When you report on them, you validate them. The best way to deal with these lunatics is for the media to ignore them.

  15. Eddie says

    I agree with everyone who said to ignore them. We know exactly what they are going to say every time a tragedy strikes. Stop covering them since they do these idiotic things for the sole purpose of getting publicity. Stop giving it to them. This is the last time I will ever open a story regarding these fools.

  16. Eddie says

    I agree with everyone who said to ignore them. We know exactly what they are going to say every time a tragedy strikes. Stop covering them since they do these idiotic things for the sole purpose of getting publicity. Stop giving it to them. This is the last time I will ever open a story regarding these fools.

  17. Bill says

    @Ken: God’s aim is actually pretty good. Assuming He fired off his smite from some random location in the visible universe (anywhere up to about 13 billion light years from here), he had to aim it with an accuracy of about 4 X 10^(-21) degrees just to hit the planet. Plus the earth is a moving target.

  18. Hey Darlin' says

    Westboro Baptist = CULT. Westboro Baptist = FARCE. The only people on the planet that could believe their nonsense are the people who are already in their church, most of the poor souls are born into it, their brains dip dyed to the color of the group. There exists on this planet people who will drink the Kool-aid if you tell them to drink the Kool-aid, especially if it will offer something in return. This is the proverbial “Preaching to the chior”, trying to make a point to someone who already agrees with you. The knowledgeable world aren’t listening and won’t ever drink the Kool-aid. The people in Westboro Baptist couldn’t function in the real world and must perpetuate the lies of the church to have a place to belong.

  19. Bob says

    When we comment on them we’re only masturbating. This is a really tiny group that nobody believes
    There are better places to put our effort

  20. David R. says

    The real irony is that Oklahoma is the home of the Climate Change Denier-in-Chief, James Inhofe. He’s the ranking minority member of the Senate’s committee on Environment and Public Works. He also worked to block post-Sandy aid for the East Coast, but now claims the OK tornado aid need is different.

  21. ny2.0 says

    Wouldn’t it make more sense for their god to send a tsunami into Boston harbor or shoot a giant asteroid into Minnesota to show his wrath against gay rights? This is so puzzling, LOL

  22. says

    To all you party-poopers: as an armchair sociologist, the Phelps clusterfk is always interesting to me. If you don’t want to read about him, skip the article! And why go out of your way to say you don’t want to read it? Jeez.

    But whatever you do, it’s not your right to censor stories you don’t like. This is like a news buffet: choose what you want and let my choose what I want. Don’t bully the management into banning the potato salad.

  23. rdiac says

    @Caliban, yes, you’re probably correct. Here in Aus [Oz?] I am continually mystified by the recent fact of there being less homophobia in recent US surveys as compared to Australia, and then there’s your statement. We have no local equivalent (visibly) of the WBC, so they either sneak into the media under the radar or couch their malice in incontestable religious statements.
    One strongly suspects that if our bigots made similar idiots of themselves then voters would be more inclined to penalize those who wish to butt into other peoples business.

  24. Bill says

    It’s only a matter of time before a tornado wipes out the Phelps compound – unless something else removes it first. It would be amusing to hear Fred’s excuse if that happens while he is still alive.

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