1. MIke says

    As a lifelong Texan who reads the comments here occasionally, I anticipate there will be the normal “when is the country just going to rid ourselves of this sh!thole?”

  2. talibaptist says

    Now, if only those three gay men who were assaulted had been armed, eh, Mr. LaPierre?

  3. Chris says

    @Mike Things like this are not commonplace in New York. All sorts of deranged lunacy is common in Texas. The South as a whole is holding the rest of America back.

  4. Eric says

    Pepper spray. I live in San Francisco and don’t leave my apartment without it.

  5. ratbastard says

    NYC has 8.2 million people in an land area roughly half the size of L.A. [3.9 million] or Houston [2.1 million]. Sh*t happens. Assaults happen everyday, to all kinds of people. My best suggestion is people be very aware of their surroundings and who is lurking around them. And when you’re drunk or high, you make an easier victim. Don’t know what else to say. Just be as aware of you environment and the people around you as possible. If you sense anything out of place or with the potential of you being hurt, LEAVE and find safe shelter, and be more careful in the future. This doesn’t just apply to MYC, it applies to everywhere.

  6. Bill says

    @Chris: No matter how many times you say it, it’s simply not true. If anything is holding this country back, it’s our divisiveness. Red vs blue, religion vs secularism, North vs South. It’s all a bunch of bs designed to keep the less informed yelling at each other instead of paying attention. Do yourself a favor and start being part of the solution. Anti-gay violence happens everywhere. That is the problem you should be concerned about. Leave geography to someone else.

  7. gomez says

    nyc is a special creature, millions of people in a densely populated area, all out of their cars and living one on top of each other, and not all of them are nice, just like anywhere else.

    so problems that are affecting the whole country (like an anti-gay backlash) are going to be more acute and magnified in ny.

    and it seems like an anti-gay backlash is increasing, globally. we’ve still got a long road to fight. and the fight should be literal. bash back those fuckers.

  8. UGH says

    I f*cking hate the idea of some a-hole going all playground bully on anyone, let alone our own. Thing is, they wouldn’t do it if they didn’t perceive their potential victims as weaker. I hope this rash of hate crimes spurs a whole lot of guys to get off their asses and in to some kind of self defense education.