1. Oxnard Rick says

    Kid was speaking in tongues. With the catholic costumes and the pentecostal theatrics, when this hits Broadway it could be like The Book of Mormon meets Mamma Mia!!

  2. John in Houston says

    “Pope Francis did absolutely not intend to perform an exorcism…”

    Whoops! Accidental exorcism!

  3. helen says

    The whore of Babylon will fall. That den of pedophiles and sodommites will crumble to the ground. True Christianity will prevail in the end. Rome is the devil’s playground. It is one of the white sepulchres Christ spoke of. Constantine that pagan king, tried to kill true Christianity by creating this empire of sin…but Martin Luther, a God-inspired man, nailed the truth to a door and revived the true church. God bless his soul. The blood of many matyrs is on the hands of the Catholic church. God’s judgement will be upon them.

  4. Kyle says

    Although that was not an exorcism, exorcisms are a biblical and historical part of normative Christianity. Jesus surely successfully performed exorcisms and commanded His believers to do the same. “”These signs will accompany those who have believed: in My name they will cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues,” Jesus says(Mark 16:17). In fact, exorcisms were part of the doctrine and practice of the Church fathers/mothers and adherents for centuries, and are being performed perhaps more than ever today with the explosive growth of the Pentecostal and Charismatic Christian movement. For Christians, who take the Words of Jesus and the Bible seriously, casting out demonic influences is a mandate.

  5. bambinoitaliano says

    No one tell this poor old man just because he dress up as pope, doesn’t mean magical power suddenly bestow on him.

  6. Moz's says

    Uhm helen

    LOL u do know your hero Matin Luther told the german princes to kill all the peasants. Not very “godly/ saintly”

  7. simon says

    By the same token, they should also deny those healing performed by Jesus ever happened in the way recorded in that book of fairy tales.

  8. jamal49 says

    Uh, gee, helen, it’s like so nice of you to pop up over here. Haven’t heard from you in, like, a real long time. Well, not since that big Benny Hinn Crusade back in August. Remember that? What a riot, all those healings and exorcisms and stuff! So, uh, helen, what’s new? Are you still on day-release from the, uh, nursing home? How’s that new med regimen working out? From I can see, um, not so good.

  9. Lumpmoose says

    I’m not sure I like the implication that the mentally or physically impaired boy might be possessed by demons because of how he acted.

  10. says

    btw folks – i’ve recently discovered an absolutely FOOLPROOF way to ensure that you and your loved ones never become possessed by a demon.

    are you ready for it?


    Don’t believe that it’s possible. There. I just saved you a few trips to the exorcist.

  11. jpl says

    Having just seen the Jon Stewart piece, I have to wonder whether the film director is Canadian and was he smoking crack. Absolutely not an exorcism. Simply a prayer and blessing.

  12. David Hearne says

    How come when Earnest Angely lays hands on a cripple and yells “Be healed!” it’s hilarious but when Pope Koksucka XXIII does it, it’s a serious news item?

  13. says

    Whether the Pope was performing an exorcism or not is irrelevant. He is still the leader of an organization that teaches that a fantasy book is the literal truth. Francis is still the “Antichrist of reason.”