1. Jay says

    Wearing putting on lipstick or wearing a wig isn’t a level of myself. In fact that is a narrow-minded view of the gay community in general. We’re a diverse bunch.

  2. Billy Crytical says

    For many years, I thought Ru was single like a lot of drag queens. He kept a blog for over 10 years before he abandoned it for twitter and facebook. He never mentioned his boyfriend. I’m glad he’s found someone to love and be loved by.

    Season five is the best yet. It’s been the funniest and most drama-filled.

  3. Frank says

    I came out when I was 14 and started cross-dressing around the same time. I am 32 now and still do drag every so often. When I was a kid, it was my everything and I was known as my alter ego. I remember reading one of Ru’s books just a couple of years after coming out. Ru has been a fixture in the drag community and for many in the gay community as well. It made a difference seeing someone like me on TV, in the media. While he may not represent everyone in our community, I have yet to hear him say he was ever trying to. He has, however, made life easier for people like me and for thousands of kids who needed someone to look up to. I would think, that as part of what I assume to be the older generation, that you/we could all just be happy that there is one more person trying to make things better for the kids down the line. Being gay and wearing lipstick do not go hand in hand, but it is a part of the lives of a huge portion of our community and thus deserves more respect than I see here today. We should expect more of each other and accept more as well – and do more to make it easier for those who will come next. How sad that within our own community we bully and bicker and pick and judge. And then expect society to treat us better than we treat ourselves. Wisdom can come from some of the most unexpected places. Do not be so quick to judge what you think you already know. I know RuPaul has made my life easier and had an impact on society and it’s view of drag culture. I know that with his life experience and story of survival comes wisdom that many could benefit from – even those who don’t do drag. P.S. Drag is a culture that represents (and also financially supports causes for) a large part of our even larger LGBTQ family. Peace.

  4. Wayne says

    I have a great deal of respect for Ru. He has produced an iconic character that is al about love and positivity, while at the same time being campy / not taking life too seriously. He also takes drag to a high-art that very few can accomplish. Ru is a great role model for our community in a time when there are more and more each day to look up to. He might not be your cup of tea, so look up to someone else. there’s no need to piss all over his charisma – uniqueness – nerve & talent.

  5. UFFDA says

    The thing about drag is that it is so empty of meaning, which gets worse the more vulgar it becomes. It keeps digging itself in for a lame stardom ludicrously gowned. What on earth is the matter with anyone who is seriously interested in – who is it? – his name has no business in the public eye.

  6. Wayne says

    @ UFFDA
    So why did you click on the link, read/watch the content, read the comments, then take the time to comment?

    If as you say “it is so empty of meaning” & “has no business in the public eye”.

    It seems to have caught your interest quite well and has enough “meaning” for you to comment on.

  7. Frank says

    UFFDA, it is apparent that you have not read my post. I mean no offense, but it seems ignorance is back in style. We all have the right to our opinions, but some should be kept to ourselves. Especially those bred from hate and lack of knowledge, education and/or experience.

  8. jw says

    He is wonderful – powerful and smart well spoken – a real role model
    You have got to respect what he has been able to do – not just be a star for decades now – but stay on top – and not become some hasbeen or derivative
    What I find particularly interesting is how he has smoothly, smartly transitioned into a public space for himself where he is not in drag – just great!
    How many other drag icons have done that? Maybe Lypsinka to a lesser extent
    He has thereby created a whole new zone – beyond his drag persona – to have a public voice and presence – our community needs more folks like him

  9. Mikey says

    “He has produced an iconic character that is al about love and positivity, while at the same time being campy / not taking life too seriously.”

    Perfect summation of Ru’s appeal.

  10. Not that Rob says

    @UFFDA Clearly you know nothing about drag, or you lack the capability of understanding it. Drag possesses a huge amount of meaning, but it does require a certain level of cognitive understanding to see it.

    @Jay Just because you don’t dress in drag doesn’t mean you can’t respect and enjoy it for what it is. There is much to learn from older generations, ESPECIALLY drag queens who have seen and experienced far more than the average gay man will ever be a part of.

  11. says

    love ya, Ru!!!

    funny – when i was a tween in the early 90s “RuPaul” was what some of the bullies called me. It upset me, as I perceived it to be the insult they intended it to be.

    not so 20 years later.

    Diva, you are fabulous and strong and helped break barriers. We all owe ya. I love ya tonnes 😀

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