1. Butch says

    His last book – the one with animals in the title – was so completely unfunny, even depressing; I’m a little nervous about trying to read this one.

  2. Scott says

    Oh shut up @David Hearne. You’re a troll and every one knows it. Go find some poor kid to pester you miserable harridan.

    David Sedaris is awesome!!!! Check out his interview with NPR’s Fresh Air host Terry Gross- hilarious and insightful.

  3. mike/ says

    i thought the title of the book was hysterical – “Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls” – but this video was just nuts! Jon had trouble controlling himself he was laughing so hard. and for the record, i don’t like sharing my dessert and never have, but my reason is more like ‘it’s mine! hands off! get your own.’

  4. Scoot says

    I just saw him on tour this week, and he took questions from the audience. During that portion, he told these exact anecdotes with the exact same wording and timing. Nonetheless funny, but still…

  5. james says

    I love sedaris, and FO Hearne, I am also african american. What you should have said was “Upper-Middle Class American Humor” – becuase that fits.

  6. ChristopherM says

    What’s more shocking is that David Hearne recognizes humor when he sees it. Baby steps, David.

  7. D.R.H. says

    David, I would classify it more accurately as intelligent people humor. Sorry you missed the joke.

  8. Buster says

    I’m with Ernest — I’ve never found either of the Sedarii to be funny. [This doesn’t mean that YOU can’t find them funny, so don’t go getting all defensive.]

  9. Pats fan says

    I thought as a writer he was funny in his earliest books, but I still might buy this one in the hopes he got his groove back. This interview was very funny.

  10. CTC says

    If you’re a roomful of people paying $50 to come hear me read out of a book, you can walk in bare-a$$ed nekkid. Just cut that check.

    But yeah, something similar-ish to this may have possibly happened. It’s Sedaris’ schtick. Don’t think you’re getting something spontaneous and authentic.

  11. Bobby says

    I’m with the people who say he’s amusing and not really laugh out loud funny.

  12. JONES says

    Someone else here said it also but yeah definitely got a Woody Allenish vibe.

    Bet he’d be fun at a house party or on a show with no language sensors.

  13. Joe says

    And I’m so thankful that I find both Amy and David funny. Thank you sweet jesus.

  14. justandra says

    I love David and have all his books but I was disappointed by this book and the last one, though it was more funnier. They both had hit and miss stories. I have them all on audio book and listened to them multiple times, especially on road trips, and his reading makes it more enjoyable. It seems he has run out of stories about his family and is trying to venture out and its not that easy. Still a huge fan though and I loved this interview….ps I’m Black too and still a huge fan.

  15. Chadd says

    Actually, I have only heard of David Sedaris. Don’t know anything about him and haven’t read his books. But that was one funny interview! Seeing Jon Stewart bust up was the best part.

  16. Tatts says

    You want laugh out loud funny, go to YouTube and listen to Sedaris do his reading of “6 to 8 Black Men”.

    But then I’m a sucker for him anyway. And I love his voice.

  17. Miguel R. says

    Umm, I don’t know what David Hearn said that was so offensive. That whole interview with Jon and David was very amusing and I really liked it. But let’s face it, it was white people humor. It isn’t an insult. It is description.

    It’s like saying merengue is latin music. You don’t have to be latin to dance it. But it is latin music. Let’s put another way. If you like this clip, you probably listen to NPR. What David Hearn said doesn’t seem to me very troll-like.

  18. Steveinde says

    I would think two white guys doing black people humor would be offensive to many people.

  19. Scott says

    Well, I for one thought there was maybe one or two funny comments by David (who is great) that surprised John but.. the rest of the time John was feigning interest and laughter, which is why it was so exaggerated. If you go back and look at some of John’s other interviews you can see the differences between a real laugh and the bombastic stuff that inhabited most of that interview. At those times I’d say he’s faking it.

  20. says

    I love David Sedaris (And I am black) and I am looking forward to reading his new book. I actually prefer to hear the audiobook version because I love his delivery.

  21. Hephaestion says

    “Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls” is hilarious. I bought it and keep re-reading it because it is so funny.

    I especially love the parts of the book where he skewers parents who don’t ever discipline their kids.

  22. Miguel R. says

    Steveinde- You are assuming that I (and David Hearn) are being critical. I certainly wasn’t. Loved the interview.

  23. andrew says

    Very funny. I enjoyed it. Towleroad needs to post more positive and humerous items because frankly I tend to avoid this site sometimes because it is just too depressing. Mix it up.

  24. Lymis says

    I’ve found that when I read his work silently, I don’t find it particularly funny, but reading it aloud, or far better, listening to the audio of it, everything he writes is devastatingly funny.