1. sean says

    I can’t believe there are so many quacks, even in San Francisco, that “protested” this. This loser put so many lives in danger, and for what? FOR WHAT? What good did the “leaked” info do? It did nothing other than make the lives and jobs of military and foreign service employees that much harder.

  2. Eric says


    Even the Pentagon said from the beginning that Manning never put any lives in danger. And the information that Manning made public actually did do a hell of a lot of good, particularly the diplomatic cables, which were widely seen as a catalyst for the Arab Spring. You should do some research.

  3. Eric says

    Your use of “parade” in the title here is a little odd. The protest is aimed at SF Pride as an organization, not one event they put on as part of a larger Pride event.

  4. Sargon Bighorn says

    Manning might have helped expose the dark underbelly of many national leaders misbehavior, but to put him as the Grand Marshall of the SF or any Pride Parade is misplaced.

    The nature of the Job of being in the military IS DANGER and is being IN HARMS WAY. Manning did nothing to alter that reality for the better nor the worse.

  5. Mike Ryan says

    I agree and will boycott this year’s Pride Parade if Manning isn’t reinstated. The guy is a hero in my book and the Government is way off base with their prosecution of him.

  6. jomicur says

    The Pride committee’s action was reprehensible. Their press release announcing it was even worse. The guff about Brad Manning endangering lives is like something we’d hear from John Boehner or Lindsey Graham or even Tony Perkins. This is a deep shame for the entire gay community.

  7. says

    “Even the hint of support for actions which placed in harms way the lives of our men and women in uniform–and countless others, military and civilian alike–will not be tolerated by the leadership of San Francisco Pride,”

    So did this cretin Lisa Williams protest the war in Iraq, which placed 100,000s of military personnel and civilians in harm’s way?

  8. says

    “I don’t think he should be grand marshall, but even if I did—he’s in custody. How were they planning to have him there?”

    Exactly! This was nothing but a radical Leftist ploy to stir up controversy. All they succeeded in doing is trumpet a division in the so-called LGBT community that was totally uncalled-for. Beware of special interests that are hellbent on hijacking the Gay Rights movement for their own purposes! These interlopers (such as NAMBLA, sex-in-public advocates and the rabid anti-Israel lobby)have been hovering like vultures over Gay events from the very beginning.

  9. Kevin says

    SF Pride is nothing but a bloated, big money event which hasn’t had any political significance since the eighties. They probably pulled Manning because having him as one of three thousand grand marshals pissed off one of the 17,000 corporate sponsors.

  10. ratbastard says

    Has anyone actually read some of the diplomatic cables? There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. But he released a huge amount of data, and there certainly was useful if not valuable info for the curious with the capability of extracting it.

    The real story of Bradley Manning is a story about a guy with a difficult upbringing, obstacles he had to overcome, and serious mental health issues. And he was used and discarded by people far more devious and slick then him.

  11. David Hearne says

    Well, we now know that there are about 200 hippies left in SF. Find out who they are, and raise their rent until they move to Portland.

  12. Jesse says

    The entitled wackos come out of the woodwork. No big surprise. Most of these people are unemployed professional protestors who live off San Francisco taxpayers, like me. Their sense of entitlement really knows no bounds. In their demented minds, you are supposed to support their right to FREE housing: in the heart of Castro (preferably new construction) if they claim to be gay, or in the Hayes Valley/Mission if they are non-gay hangers on). You are also suppose to support free housing, cell phones, puppies and (now) unlimited freedom to piss and defecate ANYWHERE for the homeless. They claim they speak for all gays, yet speak for none I know that have a job. They want to (occupy Pride” make SF Pride a form for everything but LGBT issues, rights or pride.

  13. Mawm says

    Why do Manning supporters think that Pride should be co-opted for their purposes? Can’t they organize their own march and rally in support of Manning? This has nothing to do with Gay rights, and it is apparently a very divisive issue in our community.

  14. Name: says

    I hate when you see some children’s day care center marching in pride parade saying they support gays. They’re like 4 yo. Oh and all the corporate sponsors handing out stickers with they’re logo from some insurance company. Really? WTF? Bradley Manning is a traitor and should be banned. It has nothing to do with “gay pride”.

  15. Mike says

    “Has anyone actually read some of the diplomatic cables? There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.” says @ratbastard

    ““Is this embarrassing? Yes. Is it awkward? Yes. Consequences for U.S. foreign policy? I think fairly modest.’’ says former Defense Secretary Gates about WikiLeaks

    Secretary Clinton called the Indian government to warn them of ““potentially embarrassing disclosures” [her words]

    Why would this be embarrassing for Clinton? Well, if you actually read the cables, for example, you’ll find that Clinton personally signed off on a cable that authorized the theft of DNA from UN officials and foreign heads of state.

    Yeah that’s not weird.

  16. Bill says

    It’s San Francisco, so a protest is expected no matter what.

    At one anti-war protest, a vegan contingent showed up with signs saying, “peace begins with what’s on your plate.”

    Or the Phelps Freaks being subjected to a parody of themselves where a wise guy makes fun of them by acting even crazier than they are!

    (it’s crude, but he’s making fun of them, not supporting them, although some people passing by didn’t get it.)

  17. Kyle M. Sullivan says

    Bradley Manning is a hero who tried to do what was right and is being tortured for it. He was elected by popular vote to be Grand Marshall and the board overturned it, saying it was irregular. SF Pride’s actions are reprehensible and cowardly, especially considering Lisa Williams’ background with the Bayard Rustin LGBT Coalition.

    Those of you who are putting him down and calling him traitor have no idea of what you’re talking about.

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