1. QJ201 says

    Sorry this one is a miss. Ms. Detox’s body modifications well, looking kinda scary out of drag…and illegal silicone use is no joke…it can be deadly.

  2. MIke says


    Alaska walking the stage in a hardhat and pointing at things for 3 minutes would be more enjoyable than these lame music videos. Willam, quit it. We aren’t holding our sides with tears.

  3. Jay says

    “illegal silicone use is no joke…it can be deadly.”

    Yes, it can be deadly. However, the art of true drag is not solely about who’s the fishiest, but who’s willing to use camp performance to bring real issues to the light by making fun of them in a very un-pc way. That’s what drag does; that’s what it has always sought to do. Black market beauty is very real in the LGBT community — particularly amongst transwomen. And sometimes it takes drag queens making fun of it for the community to be willing to discuss it.

    (Good) drag queens have always been at the front of the line when it comes to social awareness and social action through their social commentary.

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