1. Caliban says

    Awesome! He probably did a better thing by performing there and speaking up than by refusing to play there. There were no doubt students in that audience who needed to hear that, both gay and straight.

    Speaking up even when you’re in “hostile” territory is the best thing you can do.

  2. says

    Wow !
    Now Ben Shapiro there’s a hero; a man with integrity and courage.

    Shapiro, you are not fit to be in the same country as Josh Ritter.
    And Shapiro, you wouldn’t know integrity if it bit you in the a$$.

  3. Francis #1 says

    Integrity. What an honorable, upstanding person Josh is for this. Hopefully, at the very least, students at this school who are struggling with their orientation, or are out as LGBT, or are straight allies, take something from this and know they are not alone.

  4. john patrick says

    I agree with Caliban. Had Josh not played at the school, he could not have gone into their midst to speak to the students directly. I’m sure his comments were much appreciated by, and hit home to some in attendance.

  5. says

    @ gayheart :
    Shapiro is a soufflé.

    Light soft and full of air, and very little substance.
    Sexy ? I’m not attracted in the least.

  6. graphicjack says

    Class. I applaud you. This is the perfect way to show up these bigots. Honour your agreement, state your disgust of their policies and beliefs, and then have none of their blood money. Bravo.

  7. will says

    He of course did more good by showing up and speaking out (with respect to his audience) than not playing. I went to his facebook page. There’s a lot of Chrisian students at that school that are on our side. And this is a really good man. He didn’t have to post any of this on his page. All from the heart.

  8. TonyJazz says

    I’ve enjoyed the albums of his that I have…. He’s very smooth and has a talented voice.

  9. Sv1210 says

    Although I don’t necessarily agree with everything that has occurred at Messiah College in the past in terms of this situation, I believe it would be in Josh Ritter’s best interest to do a little more research into the community covenant before making such a blanket statement. The community covenant does not in any way prohibit homosexuality, but homosexual sexual behavior. It does so in the same exact way it prohibits heterosexual sexual behavior. I do believe that the separation of these two points in the community covenant is completely unnecessary, but Messiah holds the same expectations for its homosexual students as it does for its heterosexual students. Students do not have to sign anything saying they don’t support homosexuality. At all.

    All in all, I did appreciate the stand that he made in this situation, but I believe it would have been much better had he known entirely what he was talking about.