‘The New Yorker’ Salutes Gay Parents for Mothers’ Day: IMAGE


The New Yorker salutes 'Mothers' Day' on its upcoming cover.

Writes illustrator Chris Ware:

Now that the numbers are in on same-sex marriage, many Republicans are falling like dominos all over themselves to express their support for something that only a few months ago they steadfastly claimed to stand against. They’ll probably soon claim that this is how they felt all along, and they were simply too hamstrung by politics to be able to say what they really meant. Well, okay. In the spirit of openheartedness and what life is really all about, I’ll go so far as to say that the fear of others may mask some deep-seated desire to understand, and maybe even to love. Because really, what is there to be afraid of? Few people today don’t know—or have in their families—at least one loving couple who are raising children, same-sex or not. And it’s really just the loving part that matters. That same-sex marriage could go from its preliminary draft of “diagnosable” to the final edit of “so what?” must indicate some positive evolution on the part of the larger human consciousness. My wife, being a biology teacher, puts it even more succinctly: “Why are all these people so worried about who everybody else is sleeping with, anyway?” (Score two for Moms.)

So, a final draft: happy Mothers’ Day, moms. We are grateful to, and love, you all.


  1. Adam says

    I wonder if The New Yorker will do a similar cover for Father’s Day showing two men. Doubt it. It’s a magazine that discriminates against male homosexuals.

  2. MateoM says

    Everyone just ignore Adam, an alias of Towleroad’s resident misogynist, femmaphobic, racist and homophobic troll Rick/Jason/Ratbastard/David Herne. He uses the exact same language and talking points as those other “individuals.” He is only here to derail the comments thread.

    Please don’t feed the troll.

  3. keating says

    Republicans are hardly falling like dominoes in support. Chris Ware obviously hasn’t done a head count recently of the majority party of the House of Representatives.

  4. jpeckjr says

    I like the cover, but find it ambiguous with regard to gender. The blue-robed figure could be interpreted as being male, blue being the “traditional” male color and pink being the “traditional” female color, plus the haircut. And there’s only one card and one bouquet. If you’ve got two moms, don’t they each deserve a card of their own?

  5. Mary says

    I give the New Yorker credit for a nice photo like this. The intentions are good – to be inclusive in our definition of “family.” The only problem is that the readership of The New Yorker is not Middle America. Ironically, the people who would most benefit from seeing a cover like this are not likely to even glance at The New Yorker.

    And yes, the blond does look like Martha Stewart.

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