1. Jere says

    Wow…I know everything is 20/20 hindsight at this point, but, if I was tasked with singing the national anthem of another country, I’d probably request the lyrics on cue cards.

  2. JT says

    I’m so tired of whomever writes these articles without reading them back to themselves as a proof read. Today: “she failed to recall the worlds to America’s national anthem.” You know that spell check is available, yet no one has read the article which is being written to make sure it makes sense before posting it here. It CHEAPENS the site and sometimes I have to doubt the reliability of what is being written.

  3. Bollux says

    @JT Plus the redundancy in “I hope your weekend was better than hers was.” always strikes me as juvenile or jocular. If you are looking for journalistic integrity, this isn’t the site for you. The “articles” here are just editorialized reposts from actual news outlets.

  4. ratbastard says


    I read all kinds of media, from the alleged best [NYT, etc.], blogs, to low brow stuff. Glaring grammatical, and typographic, errors are common on all of them. In the case of foo-foo media outlets like the NYT, which has allegedly the best editors, proof readers, etc., this is inexcusable. But it happens. Frequently.


    The Star Spangled Banner is notoriously difficult to sing. A professional should never forget the lyrics,but it happens.

    I think O, Canada is even more difficult to sing.

  5. Mike says

    Aw, get off it guys. Everybody makes mistakes. Be human for Gawds sake! It ALWAYS so much easier to find fault and criticize . . . Does this make you feel superior somehow?

  6. Dylancat says

    And as for a light-hearted sign off at the end of the repost – what exactly do you want here? A breakdown of how this slip of the mind impacts on the Middle East? Get over it.

  7. Wisconsinese says

    I think she’s adorable and recovered with grace. Stress does odd things, and she eventually recovered. I found it all pretty endearing. I hope people were nice about it.

  8. Chicklets says

    If you are singing a song and dont know the lyrics–you should probably have cue cards at the ready. That being said–the poor girl at least muddled thru it so good for her.
    @Stephen-its irrelevant who knows the words to O’Canada or Star Spangled Banner–if you are tasked with singing it you either learn them or you have cue cards :-)

  9. Richard says

    I remember the time the marine honor guard brought out the Canadian flag upside-down at an Atlanta braves game. Many Atlantans quickly learned the words to “O Canada” to sing the next night and help make up for it.

  10. Book says

    Omg, I have sweaty palms and am wincing just watching this. Poor thing.
    I absolutely would have brought the lyrics out with me. Can you imagine standing there trying to honor another country with its anthem, and everyone is waiting for you to sing the words, and they are NOT THERE? Jeez. I give her so much credit (but next time have a cheat sheet!).

  11. JT says

    Obviously, Anyone with a 2nd grade education can write for a news “site” or professional organization nowadays. As long as we Americans are complacent enough not to care what we read, then the idiocy will continue. No wonder we are the laughing stock of the world. No one really has any real pride in anything any longer. No one wants to take any responsibility for their actions. Oh, it was a typo. Oh, it was just a little mistake. Oh, it doesn’t matter. I’m calling on Towleroad to become BETTER!

  12. ratbastard says

    LOL. I’m sorry to say MANY hockey fans up in Canada have been quite openly disrespectful during opening game when the U.S. flag and national anthem is sung. Americans don’t hold any monopoly on rudeness or ignorance.

    Any professional singer should of course practice singing songs they’ll be asked to sing in public ceremonies. You memorize the lyrics. Of have something like a teleprompter.

  13. mic says

    “Oh Canada” is harder to sing than the “Star Spangled Banner”???

    Dude, put down your crack pipe!

    And what the hell does ‘Spangled’ mean anyway…?

  14. David Hearne says

    Canadian jazz singer? I can’t wait to see Canadian rap.

    We are getting gangster
    yes we are
    we drive the Ford to Toronto , eh?
    and clock some thugs with the Glocks, you know.
    We are getting gangster
    We are hipsters and hep cats. Eh?

  15. Courtside Seats says

    Listen, y’all…can’t nobody eff up The Scar Scrambled Bammer like a true American.

    Check out Desireé Coleman Jackson, wife of Golden State Warrior Head Coach Mark Jackson, before a recent playoff game against the Nuggets.

    (For those of you scoring at home, Mark Jackson is currently the coach of the Warriors, a former ABC Sports NBA color commentator, and an ordained minister. He was recently the target of an extortion attempt by a former pole dancer with whom he had carried on a secret, year-long ‘romance’. The extortion attempt involved nude pictures that he had allegedly sent the mistress/pole dancer. There is no direct proof yet that part of a formal reconciliation agreement with his wife involved getting her an engagement to sing the national anthem before a Warriors’ game, and being forced to listen to it with a straight face. That is mere speculation on the part of internet mischief makers, at least at this point.

    Readers of Towleroad should remember Mark Jackson as a man who said that he knew, as a Christian, the difference between right and wrong, and that he would remember Jason Collins and his family in his prayers regarding Collins’ homosexuality. Let us similarly, knowing right and wrong, remember Mark Jackson.

  16. Rich says


    v. span·gled, span·gling, span·gles
    To adorn or cause to sparkle by covering with or as if with spangles: Lights spangled the night skyline.
    To sparkle in the manner of spangles.
    [Middle English spangel, diminutive of spange, from Middle Dutch, clasp; see (s)pen- in Indo-European roots.]
    spangly adj.

  17. Armando says

    I never understand people who keep coming back to comment on how awful something is. We are all free to leave, no one is keeping you here. You can make your own superior blog. It’s still just a blog.

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