1. Ted says

    “At Least One Member of ‘The Wanted’ Says He’d ‘Probably Have a Dabble’ with a Man: VIDEO”…Only one? Really? I find that hard to believe.

  2. Mikey says

    Clearly, (queerly?) McGuinness is the more savvy interviewee, knowing he’ll generate buzz among the gay fans while hardly upsetting any female fans. For example, would we be discussing The Wanted right now if he had said otherwise?

    Flirting with bisexuality is pop star 101.

  3. smkovalinsky says

    I always felt most men would like to “have a dabble” – I was thinking this as a young girl in 1973, far before it became common knowledge.

  4. StevyD says

    Although some have said that most British men are/tried gay, my guess would have been (starting from left to right) numbers 1, 2 and 4 (or is that a wish instead of a guess).

  5. Rick says

    “No way, the one on the right is, like, the main dish”

    Agreed, UFFDA. Glad to see we have the same tastes.

    And I take his response as yet another demonstration of the “loosening up” of young men when it comes to sexuality–a willingness to experiment and find their own particular flavor or flavors, freeing themselves partially or completely from dependence on women in the process.

    The labels “gay” and “straight” will soon be obsolete, along with the outmoded cultures that have characterized each.

  6. Tarc says

    Yeah, the fellow that said that is probably the brightest of the lot, and knows how to work the press and the young ladies and gents. The guy on the left? Box of rocks.

  7. bambinoitaliano says

    Obviously the fan fiction of One Direction is continuing to get the buzz that The Wanted is dying for. Being gay is the thing these days. Dangling a bunch of carrots in front of the gays would keep them within the radar of the entertainment news.

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