Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1359

GOOGLE GLASS: A how-to. Are you interested in buying this gadget?

CELINE DION: A snippet of her new song.

CHILLY GONZALEZ: On his collaboration with Daft Punk.

JANE FONDA: Chats with Coco Peru, remembers Harvey Milk.

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  1. Jesse says

    I can already tell from the snippet that the original version of Water and a Flame by Daniel Merriweather ft. Adele is ten times better…

    Stick to the simpler ballads, Celine.

  2. Charlie says

    I have a very bad feeling about Google Glass. Proto-nerds may remember the episodes on Star Trek about the Borg. Every time I see something about Glass I think ‘You will be assimilated’. It is interesting to think how that will come about. If having Glass makes you more desirable – more likely to get dates (and reproduced if heterosexual) or provides major advantages to users then this may be how it starts. Of course, it may be a disadvantage. If I was a business owner I wouldn’t want to have someone wearing this in any meeting I was in since it would be hard to know when confidential information was being recorded. And imagine how many more embarrassing and damaging videos can be posted to YouTube (another Google product). I wouldn’t want to be around anyone wearing this product.

    So I guess we will see. And you WILL be assimilated.

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