Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1367

CHANGES AHEAD: AFER's Matt Baume looks at what happens after Minnesota. Constitutional amendments could delay any further success for years to come.

BALD EAGLE: Steals a fish off a line.

MOTORCYCLE DIARIES: A modern day version.

SF BAY: 1,200 tons of trash are removed from it every year.

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  1. Francis #1 says

    Unfortunately we’re about to hit the wall in terms of states that we can win in. We should be able to win Illinois either this year or next year, California with the decision of Prop 8 will likely have at least some semblance of marriage equality, we should be able to win in Oregon in 2014 and we should have a chance again next year in Hawaii. But outside of that, there are question marks. New Jersey has one major roadblock….Chris Christie. Hopefully NJ simply goes the voter amendment route. Can someone tell us if that’s feasible? It would pass without doubt.

    Ohio also is going to have a voter amendment but the numbers there aren’t the best. Supposedly it’s going to be on the ballot this year and I really don’t think it would pass but the state could surprise me.

    We’ll probably have somewhere in the 16-18 range by the end of 2014. Unfortunately most of the rest of the states are currently out of reach in the foreseeable future and that’s why the Prop 8/DOMA votes upcoming are so important. We will take these blue states but purple and red states are going to be very tough to win in, if not almost impossible the next few years, without help.

  2. JONES says

    Christie actually asked the legislature to ‘let the people decide’ when he vetoed their equality bill. At that time in NJ marriage equality was a little behind in the polls, and he may have felt secure to say that. Since then it has picked up a lot of points, is favored to pass, but now you hear nothing about it.

    Christie is not an ally and his veto on marriage equality will always be a negative on his political career, to me.

    Pennsylvania is a slim possibility like Ohio. Illinois is the next best hope.

    Hawaii … anything happening there?

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